The Ultimate Guide to Different Shades of Blonde and How to Match Your Skin Tones.

by Christine Scott Hair Artist

Do you dream of getting beautiful blonde hair? There is no denying blonde hair appears special and stands out in the crowd particular when done correctly --that explains why a lot of ladies covet this eye-catching hair colour. Shades of blond hair have the capability to perform everything from mildly added dimension into your strands through highlights to make an entire transformation should you opt to go way, way to cooler hues. If you are still unsure of transforming to blonde is ideal for you? Well, there is a fantastic opportunity that--having just a tiny bit of skin tone fitting --the blonde hair you have been dreaming of on your mind is completely viable. Just refer to this ultimate guide to have a more comprehensive ideas of the different blonde hair colour ideas for each skin tone to discover your match.

It is important to see that attaining your preferred level of blond hair may potentially involve a lot of efforts and time, based on the hair colour you are beginning with and the outcome you are after. In case you've got dark brownish hair and you also would like to go cooler and lighter, it might very well take a several number of sessions to finish this--thus in this circumstance, seeing a expert colourist may be the very best choice instead of attempting to doing your own hair colour at home if you'd like a perfect healthy looking hair colour. Being patience can be crucial if you have decided to embark on this blonde journey. In the following, we have outline and summarized the most well-known shades of blonde hair with tips and the know-how of achieving the looks. Moreover, you can find the ideal shade of blonde hair that perfectly match your skin tone below.


There are plenty of shades of blonde that suit light skin tones.


This slightly white and almost platinum blonde hair colour looks especially stunning on lighter skin tones together with blue or green eyes because it can certainly help to bring our your facial features. Whether you achieve the look with all-over colour or natural-looking balayage highlights, you will surely turn heads with your this new silvery-blonde or ash blonde hue.


This combination of butter and honey blondes that results in an overall golden, sun-kissed hue, golden blonde hair can certainly add vibrancy to lighter skin tones without washing them out. The brighter and lighter hue of golden blonde will add shine to your hair and warmth to fair and olive skin complexions. Pair this sun-kissed hair colour shade with a peachy blush that will complement its warm tones.


Feeling bold and want to try something fanciful? Don’t let the name fool you—a light pastel blonde shade will turn every head and stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons. Please bare in mind that pastel shades of all sorts are best left to a professional, unless you want to use temporary hair colour.


Look no further, this butter blonde hair will be your dream look if you’re looking to add the perfect sunshine-y splash to your complexion, which can help brighten up light to medium skin tones and make just about any eye colour stand out. The range of rich, honey blonde shades will brighten up your face regardless of skin’s undertone. For a blonde that looks just plain happy, match a soft pink or nude lip to a buttery blonde hair colour shade.


A number of the very flamboyant blonde hair colours can be attributed to pale-skinned, glowing blue Norwegians. However, you don't need to be from Eastern Europe to stone a stunning Scandinavian blonde colour! This colour looks most complementary from honest and Mild skin tones. Since this hue looks most complementary against fair and light skin tones.



The cool, beige tones in this otherwise warm dye make this a great idea for the spring months. If a rich yet subtle dye job seems up your alley, search no further than beach-inspired sandy blonde hair. Beige blonde hair colour is a sandy blonde that controls warmth, but isn’t plain ashy—sparkling like champagne—a cool, warm blonde. This look is perfect for anyone with medium complexion and hazel or brown eyes. Be sure to pick up a rich earth-toned eyeshadow palette to complement the cool tones.


Love the way blonde hair looks, but want to get in on a little red action, too? Strawberry blonde is one of those hair colours that makes you want to stare. Being one of the most unique natural-looking hair colour shades, strawberry blonde is a warm red-blonde combination that will leave you looking like you spent all summer on the beach. Strawberry blonde contains varying amounts of gold and copper tones. It’s a happy shade that looks best on anyone with a fair complexion and green or blue eyes. Pair it with your favorite pair of sandals and you’re good to go! Best of all, it's a flattering colour family for numerous skin tones as well because it comes in a range of hues.



Platinum blonde hair is a highly-coveted shade and super-light platinum hair colour has been spotted everywhere from the runways to social media to magazine covers. Not for the light hearted, but for the committed. Platinum hair colour delivers the lightest blonde without brassiness. This look is sure to turn heads, so keep your skin complexion warm and bright with a classic red or deep purple lip. As the lightest of all the blonde hair colours on the spectrum, platinum blonde hair can create a gorgeous contrast against light and medium skin tones.



Medium skin tones were practically meant to go blonde!


When done correctly and professionally, such warmer platinum hues can look great with just about any skin tone—albeit they will look more dramatic against a medium skin tone. Unless your hair is already ultra-light, consult a professional.


Bronde is a colour technique that fuses brown and blonde, to create a flattering, sun-kissed colour result. Bronde hair is known for the ideal mixture of blonde and brown highlights and lowlights, and it can give a pure style to get medium-toned skin. Because this colour is quite customizable, make sure you request for your colourist to pick the ideal honey highlights to suit the skin tone to ensure your ever-so-slightly lighter finishes look as though they came out of spending some time outdoors. Since this hair colour requires quite a bit of technique, it’s best left to a pro.


Somewhere between blonde and brunette there's caramel, the hair colour that blends them both. Caramel blonde hair can brighten the look of medium-toned complexions and really emphasize your gorgeous facial features. Remember to start with a darker golden blonde base on the shafts and ends with lighter face-framing highlights to tie it all together. Hit up the salon, since a experience colourist who have the skills to create custom highlights that are sure to suit you.


Think of honey: warm and shiny and totally delicious and it is the perfect blend of light yellow highlights and golden brown lowlights that meld together to create a honey shade Yep, that’s this hair colour personified. Honey blonde hair can work to awaken medium complexions. When going for this look, make sure to keep your darker roots intact. A sweet shade of blonde, this bright hair colour evokes a deep yellow anyone with a sweet tooth will recognize. This shade is a classic blonde look that works well as highlights or all-over colour. Pair it with your favorite peachy blush to keep the look warm.


There's nothing boring about beige, especially when it comes to beige blonde hair colour. Our assortment of beige blonde shades can deliver delicately balanced cool golden/beige tones. These shades are an ideal choice for those who want to neutralize smoky and brassy undertones. Beige may be a boring colour choice for wall paint, but its anything but boring on hair when combined with a golden tint—especially on those with medium-toned skin.



Don’t feel left out, dark skin tones look beautiful with blonde hair, too!


The ombré hair colouring technique is a trend that’s not going anywhere fast, and that’s because it’s beautiful in any shade you choose. For those with darker skin tones, an ombré with a gold tone on the lengths and ends will complement your skin tone and highlight your eyes.


We love rose blonde hair, and this slightly darker hair colour is perfect for those with darker skin tones. It’s still blonde, but the warm rosy undertones will better complement your skin tone. Brunette rose gold hair is one of the common darker rose gold hair


Just like the sweet treat, a butterscotch-hued hair colour can look super yummy against dark skin tones. Butterscotch highlights are a wonderful way to diversify your blonde mane. The best combination is honey blonde and butterscotch. These two colours look natural together and create a great image. For this gorgeous colour, you’ll want to book an appointment with your colourist since it involves holding onto a darker shade at your roots.


This look is not one for the faint of heart, but when done right, a bright platinum gray-blonde can contrast gorgeously against darker skin tones. Platinum grey give off a striking look that most can carry off.


Copper hair colour can often seem intimidating, but the blonde low lights in this copper coloured hairstyle make this a look that anyone could rock!  Metallic tones are trending in makeup and hair for a reason—they’re stunning! Adding a copper tint to your blonde mane will shine whether you’re under the sun or fluorescent lighting. Copper isn’t the easiest shade to encompass in a boxed hair dye kit, so it’s best to book a colourist if you want to give this look a try.


Golden blonde tones can work against darker skin, and they can do wonders for bringing your facial features to life! For natural brunettes, dark gold blonde is a great way to lighten up your look. This shade works all year long, just be sure to accessorize with greens and blues to complete the rich colour.



Certain shades suit literally everyone—these are them:


As one of the latest hair colour trends, nude hair is all about perfectly matching warm and cool tones to balance each other out for a multidimensional look that mimics your skin tone—think: light skin with lighter shades and darker shades for dark skin. The spectrum of multidimensional blonde hair shades, from almost white to almond-coloured, is meant to mimic a natural, undyed hue. Match your hair colour shade choice to your skin complexion. We recommend indulging your bold beauty instincts to set off the natural hair look — try an iridescent lip or a bright blue mascara. Since this hair colour depends on your specific skin tone, call up your colourist to book an appointment.


Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly, right? Now, one of your favourite fizzy drinks has inspired a pretty hair colour trend. This fizzy and light blonde hair colour is as fun as its name, a champagne blonde shade that’s not too warm or too ashy. Champagne blondes should ditch their iridescent highlighter — you don’t want to get too washed out — and swap it out for a shimmery golden bronzer. Champagne blonde hair features cool tones for a refreshing take on blonde hair that flatters just about everyone. If you have a warmer skin tone, think about getting warm highlights added to your champagne blonde hair for a look that flatters your skin tone. 

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