The Ultimate Guide: Pokémon Sword and Shield

by Emma Justin SEO Excutive

What is Bergmite?

Bergmite is a cute looking Pokémon who is made of ice. It looks like a miniature version of the live iceberg. After maturing and evolving, it transforms into Avalugg and gains its monstrous avatar. One of the biggest strengths of Avalugg is its defense. This creature was introduced as a part of the X/Y crew back with the Gen VI. It is also included in the sword and shield pokédex and gives great fighting to the players.

Where to locate the bergmite?

As it is clear that Bergmite looks like an iceberg, so it likes to live in cold places. Bergmite is mainly attracted to the snowy areas and can be located by the players on route 9. This icy route that leads to Spikemuth will also lead you to Bergmite. Also, they happen to lay eggs in the overworld, and such a process takes place in every weather. Another place, you can find the Bergmite near the outrage lake. But the chances of finding them near the lake are only when it’s snowing.

How can it evolve in Avalugg?

You need to be on level 37 to be able to evolve the Bergmite to its monstrous Avalugg form. Other than that, you can also sometimes directly find the Avalugg in the game. It only happens when there is snow and near the lake of outrage.

What is Avalugg’s plan of battle?

Avalugg has high statistics that come handy in any battle. It’s defense skills are excellent, and also it has a special ability of great speed and special defense. Your ideal move will be to make the best use of these skills and put the Avalugg in a defense boosting scenario. Make sure to recover it from time to time so that it supersedes all the other Pokémons in the fight. Also, giving it hail or toxins can help defeat the opponents when they try to break down its ice.

There is also some problem with the Avalugg as it only has the special defense and is not strong in firing. This is because of its ice-type nature. But in the game, a considerable number of other Pokémon are present that have flamethrower abilities. It will not die in a single shot due to its sturdiness. The best move when Charizard is in the opponent team is to switch Avalugg as soon as you can.


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