The Six Common Things All Couples Fight About

by Michael Griffin Michael

It could be quite difficult to maintain a committed relationship for a prolonged period. There are lots of amazing benefits, of course, but living with somebody, day in and day out, unfortunately, has certain challenges. To thrive in a seamless manner, two individuals must negotiate, cooperate, connect, and communicate every day.

Add kids to this mix, and things become all the more interesting. Well, mentioned below are things that most modern-day couples fight about at some point. Please check them out right now.

1.      Money-

When it comes to money, there are so many different fights that couples can get into. They might judge one another for their purchases, and argue about whether or not to create a budget, combine finances, and save for the future

2.      Sex-

The renowned specialists carrying out relationship counselling eastern suburbs Melbourne for many years now said treasuring unrealistic expectations, differences in urges, and disagreeing overindulging in a particular act are some common sex-related fights. 

3.      Quality Time-

Typically, in a relationship, one person always wishes to spend more time together than the other. He or she can feel that his or her partner tends to prioritise alone time a tad bit more or allocates more time for friends and colleagues.

At times, the way one spends time can also lead to conflict. While one person wishes to watch a football game, the other wants to travel. Some couples spend their quality time checking out their phones. This is extremely unhealthy.

4.      Chores-

After sex, chores act as the biggest triggers for fights. One person might feel that he or she is doing everything around the house. Divide the household tasks such as taking the trash out, cleaning the dishes, buying groceries, vacuuming, etc. among each other.

5.      In-laws-

Parents can play a huge role in a relationship, even after two individuals got married. Couples argue about how often, and when must they visit each other’s parents. The holidays bring up tension because not everybody has a strong bond with their in-laws.

6.      Kids-

Among all the things that partners fight about, children are believed to cause the maximum. Couples argue if they ever will have kids, or if they were having problems in conceiving, whether or not to opt for artificial fertilisation techniques.

After a child is born, a wide range of fights develop. Couples fight on how to raise their kid, who must do the child-related tasks, and how one of them is always lenient while the other authoritarian.

Besides the problems specified above, according to the top-notch professionals offering quality yet affordable sessions of counselling in Fitzroy North, many individuals also complain that their relationship lacks romance, which includes not just physical intimacy, but profound emotional attachment.

 Even when the honeymoon period is long over, nearly all couples still wish to retain the passion, so, plan dates at least twice a month, buy flowers, chocolates, or other little gifts, sing songs, write love notes, etc. Some studies have shown that focusing on affectionate touch helps. 

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