The shift to Organic Cotton Bedding & Bath Products

by Aagan Organic Cotton 100% Organic Cotton Products

Over the past few years, organic cotton products have increased in popularity in Australia as people have started to become more aware of the benefits of organic cotton and its impact on the environment. High-quality organic cotton is a softer, more durable and is an incredibly breathable fabric.

We are all aware of how organic cotton is cultivated using environmentally friendly methods. It doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered substances. It is grown without pesticides which is why most homes in Australia prefer certified organic cotton products. There are numerous reasons why organic cotton should be the first preference, especially when it comes to bedding and bath products.

Reasons to choose Organic cotton for Bedding and bath products:

A Healthy Bed

People tend to spend most of the time in their bed than interacting with any other environment which makes it especially important that all bedding materials promote one’s health rather than diminishing it. Organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic mainly due to the lack of chemical additives. This is especially important for those with skin sensitivities and babies and children who have far more sensitive skin than most adults. The dyes, chemicals, and pesticides used to produce conventional cotton can cause a variety of reactions.

Environment-Friendly Planet

Organic sheets are good for the planet. Conventionally farmed cotton can take a massive toll on the health of the earth. It is responsible for a quarter of the worldwide use of insecticides. Some of the most dangerous pesticides are used to promote the growth of cotton.

Choosing to use only organic cotton helps support those farmers who are committed to growing a high-quality product without the use of these toxic methods. It also serves as an incentive to switch to organic methods for those farmers who are using conventional farming techniques. When they make the switch to natural methodology, it improves the health of the farmers and their families by preventing local water contamination and improving the overall quality of land.

More Comfortable

Organic bedding and towels feel much better to the skin. The fabric has a naturally soft experience as it is not much in contact with harsh chemicals. The weaving of the cotton also plays an essential role in how smooth the sheets feel. By using the weave of the cloth, rather than chemical processing, the desired density and softness is achieved. This results in a product that is consistently soft even with regular washing.

They are naturally breathable and wick away moisture which further enhances the overall comfort of sheets made with organic cotton.

Easy to maintain

Organic Cotton is picked by hand and does not need harsh additives to be cleaned, which makes the fabric chemical free and low-on-maintenance. It does not require as much care to be taken as other organic cotton bath products. This is another reason that is making the shift to natural cotton bath and bedding collection more preferable.

Naturally Durable

Organic cotton sheets are not only remarkably durable, but they are also biodegradable and produced with sustainable methods. While it is true that human-made fabric can be more durable, it will not break down naturally once it is worn and the means of production are not sustainable.

High Quality

One of the reasons organic cotton provides a higher quality textile is in the way the crop is harvested. Conventional growers use harvesting machine to mix the cotton with oil and seeds of the plant. Harsh chemicals are then needed to remove the dirt from other parts and clean the cotton.

An organic farmer handpicks the cotton ensuring it is a cleaner product that doesn’t use harsh additives to be cleaned. The organic cotton is washed using hot water and vegetable-based soaps rather than chemicals.

With growing awareness, there is a growth in people’s mind set toward organic cotton products. Choosing organic bedding and bath products is the newest trend that has a greater intention than just improving the quality of life. The purpose is to bring awareness towards organic products and also make environmentally friendly decisions in everyday life simultaneously.

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