The secret of RNG in online slots now known to all

by Evan Grant Web Designer
As you know, slot machines are random and honest, because they work on a random number generator. There are no double ribbons or pools for playing at different stakes. There is just a payout percentage of slots and random. Based on this, we can conclude that the amount of the bet can in no way affect the process of the game. The only exceptions are gaming machines with progressive jackpots. Their rules have already been laid down: the higher the rate, the higher the chance for a big hit.

Everything here is pretty simple. The gaming machine consists of tapes, it has a certain number of positions, well, then just ordinary mathematics. It is not necessary to disassemble in detail and the fact that no strategies in the game of slots does not exist. There is no connection between the devices among themselves, as well as the fact that it is not true that if you “fed” a lot of money to a certain slot, he is about to give a risky large amount. All this is complete absurdity!

In the gambling world there is only luck, and the winnings are most often obtained by gamblers at a short distance. The only option to stay in the black is to play at a high rate relative to your bankroll. In other words, it makes no sense to divide $ 1,000 into 1,000 bets and spin the reels for a long time, you will immediately decrease the chances of getting anything from the machine.

Of course, in gaming machines, in contrast, for example, to roulette, there is a very interesting parameter - variability. It is explained by the fact that the higher the bet, the larger the final payoff will be, since the payout table contains multipliers, not totals. The larger the jackpot, the less chance of getting it. A simple rule comes out of this: in low-variability slots, you need to make maximum bets, and if it is high in the machine, then it makes sense to twist the drums for a long time and take big risks. It is also worth noting that casino software providers have different development methods and methods for winning, which you will never know, as this can completely break the world of gambling.

If you delve into the statistics on large wins, then you can see that most of them were obtained in the following way: the players sharply raised the bet and caught a certain bonus. If you play for a long time at one low amount, then you will not be able to win a big score.

One thing to note is that all of the above applies only to licensed manufacturers. Among them are NetEnt and Nicks, and the last developer has the most honest slot machines. They lack the possibility of any kind of technical spin-up, whereas in the works of the Scandinavian developer NetEnt it is present. To trace this is quite possible. When you download a Nicks slot program, tapes are written to it in response to a request for a back, and it sends only the position number on it. While in the NetEnt devices, a similar team sends five numbers at once, and even with pictures and their order. Thus, it is possible to track how the random slot number generator of the Scandinavian manufacturer works and, with the right approach, get a benefit from it.

Summing up, we can say that the slots are not too generous, especially if you play in questionable casinos, where the administration can set them up on your own. And yes, “feed” one slot does not make sense. You still will not get a big score. It is better to make small game sessions and play at high stakes, then they will bring weighty final winnings.

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