The Role Of Immune System In Tattoo Removal Process

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Target your immune system and that would result in getting the unwanted ink erased completely from the body. When you are working hard towards removing your permanent tattoo, it’s extremely important to focus on your body’s immune system. A perfectly functioning immune system will help in achieving positive results.

When you approach a tattoo professional to get inked, you will hear the word “permanent”. Well, it’s partly true that the tattoo is extremely difficult to remove. The ink is etched into that particular layer of skin that’s just below the epidermis. So naturally, it becomes exceedingly difficult to erase the part completely. Laser surgery is an extremely costly option that not many can afford. Also, it’s extremely time-consuming. Not one or two, but six to eight sessions (minimum) would be required to eradicate the tattoo from the skin. Till then, you crave for a more satisfactory result.

Of late, a notable
tattoo removal clinic Brisbane has researched and figured out a process that could provide a near-perfect result in regards to tattoo removal process. According to the research work, blocking the body’s immune system’s macrophages would results in erasing the permanence nature of the tattoo. Macrophages are basically cells that engulf and identify cellular debris, microbes, and other types of foreign bodies. Studies have revealed the fact that macrophages play a crucial role in absorbing particles of tattoo ink.

According to the research, it was clearly visible that tattoos endure primary due to consumption of macrophage, one after another. When one macrophage dies, it releases the ink particles being stored inside. This is then absorbed by another macrophage. This new macrophage plays a crucial role in clearing away the cellular debris while engulfing the particles. If you observe the movement of macrophages within the skin, they hardly move. That makes the tattoos remain so stable. Apart from this fact, the pigment particles being present inside the tattoo ink seems to be much bigger. Because of their large size, they are unable to get drained into the nodes through the lymphatic vessels. They remain stuck as long until another macrophage ingest them, upon release from one macrophage.

Now, coming back to our actual discussion point – the role of immune system in the tattoo removal process. If you take care of the immune system properly, the stability of the ink within the macrophage will be challenged. Lots of water intake helps in the process. Also, it is recommended to stay away from oily foods. Smoking is a strict no!

Many people look for
affordable laser tattoo removal options. For them, my suggestion is: never compromise quality for money. Yes, you may have some financial burdens to face but opting for a cheap tattoo removal option that fails to deliver the results will lead you to nowhere. Your money will be wasted; moreover, chances of getting your skin infected can also happen. Therefore, you must look for reliable professionals to undergo laser tattoo removal process.

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