The Role of Hormones, Medications and Genes in Hair Loss and the Hair Transplants

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

The Role of Hormones, Medications and Genes in Hair Loss and the Hair Transplants

To experience hair loss with the number of 90-100 hair strands daily in your comb is normal, but when the number of strands is greater than that then you must think upon it! The unusual amount of hair falling daily falls under the hair loss problem that may arise due to the genetic or the conditional issues. It is not a serious concern when you find the normal hair fall, but the issue needs the attention when the hair fall increases randomly with the maximum number of hair strands.

As far as genetic hair loss or the Androgenic alopecia is concerned, it leads to the male pattern as well as the female pattern baldness only solves permanently with the hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant cost in Delhi generally suitable for all the economic groups of the people as it allows you to receive the procedure under budget cost option. The procedure facilitates the advantages of the regrowth of permanent hair roots that remains forever on the scalp.

In this article, we will mention the role of Hormones, Medications and Genes in hair loss as described below:

1.      Genes: The genes are responsible for the genetic hair loss with the combination of the hormone, testosterone. The genes causing the Androgenic alopecia are transferred from either parent and so both maternal and paternal sides are responsible for the same. The genes combined with the DHT accelerate the hair loss and transferred the trait from one generation to the next. Thus, the Androgenic alopecia is a genetic hair loss that presents the pattern baldness needs the hair transplant procedure.

2.   Hormones: Hormones at play for causing the hair loss as the Testosterone and thyroxin hormone secreted by the Thyroid hormone causes the hair loss. The testosterone when got catalysed with an enzyme, named 5-alpha-reductase produces the formation of DHT or Di-hydro testosterone causes the genetic hair loss. On the other hand, the Thyroid disorder also causes the hair loss with the symptoms of the extreme hair thinning and hair fall.

3.      Medications: Some medications cause hair loss like cancer drugs or chemotherapy that causes the conditional and severe hair loss. The medications for chronic diseases cause the hair loss and can be treated with the prescribed medications or the PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy. Some medications like thyroid medications, some oral contraceptives, beta-blockers, and anticoagulants cause the hair loss problem.


The Solution of Hair Transplants

The hair transplant procedure is the only and a permanent solution to treat the pattern baldness effectively. The procedure allows getting the regeneration of hair roots into the affected areas and one can enjoy the benefits of the natural growth of hair. The hair transplant is done by the process of hair root transfer from the donor location of the recipient bald areas in such a manner that the balding zone gets fully covered with the live hair roots.

The transfer of the hair root is done, either by the FUT or through the FUE technique and the extracted grafts are later sent to the dissection process by which a surgeon obtains the needed number of follicles for the implantation job. The procedure must be received from the expert surgeons to get the best original results.


The Benefits of the Hair Transplant procedure are jotted down below: -

·         It gives permanent results with the lifelong hair roots

·         It is a maintenance-free option

·         There are no side effects as it is the natural way to get the regeneration of hairs

·         No follow-up is required

·         It is a painless and a scarless cosmetic procedure.


        On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplants is always better than   the medicinal option to treat the pattern hair loss as it gives you the permanent results without any kind of side effects.


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