The Process of Drying Weed on Hanging Racks

by David Abbott Content Writer

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Drying weed is an integral part of the harvesting process. Drying your freshly collected cannabis is vital because it preserves it from molds, reduces bacteria, improves taste, and helps boost chemicals that relieve tension and ailments. This blog is dedicated to helping you understand the procedures involved in weed drying and how hanging racks assist weed farmers in this process.

Cutting Your Weed

Before putting your freshly collected weed on the harvest drying rack, make sure you clip it correctly. It is one of the most time-consuming tasks, so you would have to set up plenty of time for weed pruning.

Trimming is categorized into two types: wet trimming and dry trimming.

Wet trimming is excellent for first-time farmers or those with limited space. This procedure begins as soon as the marijuana is harvested and before hanging weed. The only disadvantage of this technique is that it can be a bit messy, necessitating the use of latex gloves to avoid the mess.

Dry trimming, on the other hand, is performed in more dry areas to keep the bud from absorbing moisture gathered around it. The procedure is less messy than wet trimming, but farmers must exercise caution since it renders the trichomes brittle and makes them susceptible to breaking.


Preparing buds for curing is another vital step before cannabis racking in order to boost the strength of the weed and ensure a higher grade of smoking.

When squeezing or breaking a bud, no moisture is produced, you know it is cured. The process of curing occurs along with hanging weed to dry.

Using a Drying Rack

Using a harvest drying rack is maybe the best technique to hang weeds. You must ensure that the bud is separated from the stem while using this procedure. Though it is a rather costly technique, it is suitable for coastal locations with high humidity levels. Hanging weed on harvest drying racks helps facilitate cannabis bud curing.

Mistakes To Avoid

Of course, because cannabis racking is a time-consuming procedure with many complexities, mistakes are unavoidable. However, there are a few things you should avoid if you don't want to spoil all your hard work:

  • Harvesting wet products
  • Overhandling buds
  • Neglecting molds
  • Improper humidity levels
  • Too much sunlight
  • High temperatures

As long as you avoid these blunders, your marijuana will be ready to smoke.

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