The Original Terminator 6 Plan & Why Dark Fate Happened

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Terminator 6 will be directed as the sequel to Terminator Genisys, and the plot will be completely different from what fans have watched in the final chapter Terminator: Dark Fate. The franchise of the Terminator has been facing difficulties ever since to locate the footing when the most significant part of Terminator 2: Judgement Day of James Cameron. Terminator both parts including Terminator: Salvation and Terminator 3: Rise of Machines was a box office blunder, so Terminator Genisys was deliberate to be a new beginning of a series. Returning of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he decided not to be the part of the Salvation, Terminator Genisys was a basic reboot in other timelines.

In this series, T-800 returned in the past to save Sarah Connor as the small girl, Skynet was modified as the global operating system, which is known as Genisys, and John Connor is converted into the human-machine hybrid. It was the kind of salvation that Paramount Pictures had anticipated, however, its complex time-travelling plot and going through the previous series, they have different interesting elements. And now it has taken the other turn on Terminator 6.

Terminator Genisys was about to begin new Trilogy

It was produced by Skydance that was also working for other rebooted franchises on other timelines for producing Star Trek Beyond Star Trek Into Darkness for Paramount. Genisys was about to kick off the Trilogy with the same approach of the timeline to cast new actors for the character, the same character, including Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. It will also attract the franchise newcomers with having sufficient throwbacks to maintain the traffic and keep the audiences interested. The major plan was for the Terminator Genysis to kick off the movie series as well as spin the TV series also. There had already had the plot outlines for 2 sequels when Genisys was already in production.

What Terminator Genisys Would Be All About

In the last plot of the movie, heroes are going to stop the rise of Skynet successfully. Kyle, Sarah, and pops rides off in the sunset with Pops, who is boasting T-1000 style shape-shifting technology. One thing that Ginesys sequel has made clear the origin of T- 5000 unit of Matt Smith, who hides as the human known as Alex. A physical incarnation of it, T- 5000, had a small role in it. Invading Tech-Com unit of John Connor and also contaminating humanity saviour using the machine nanobots to convert him into T- 3000. Although it was not clear in Genisys that the screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis said io9 that sequels would be confirmed that T-5000 is the Skynet from other timelines.

Why Terminator Genisys 2 Did Not Happen?

It was not exactly a successful franchise like the Paramount wanted. It also blunders at the box office with the overall gross of $440 million. As it was not the complete financial disaster, it must require a great profit margin to even think about the sequel. Also, bad reviews were the main reason from critics as well as fans that say films with time travel machinations find complicated and difficult to understand. 

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