The One Guide You Need About Wrong Fuel in Car

by Diane McCarty Bench technician

Petrol in Diesel Misfuelling

If you have mistakenly put petrol in your diesel car, you are not alone. Most of the times it happens if you are in a rush while being at the pumps, but the most important thing is not to neglect it as this will make things worse. Act smart and get the wrong fuel flushed on time as this will save you from extensive repair costs.

How much damage can your vehicle suffer?

When petrol mixes with diesel, it pollutes the diesel which in turn reduces the lubrication in the engine. Consequently, engine parts rub against each other with greater friction as well as metal particles that flow through the fuel system and cause damage to other parts of the engine.

Signs of Petrol in Diesel

The first sign that you have wrong fuelled your vehicle is that it will be difficult to start it with petrol. This problem can become much bigger if the vehicle is warm. The diesel engine gets noisy under extra load. Smoky exhaust and emissions issues start occurring when you drive it. As soon as you notice these signs, stop immediately and switch off your vehicle.

Does the Amount of Wrong Fuel Matter?

Yes, it does make a difference in a number of damages that occur. If you have put a small amount of petrol in a diesel vehicle, you can get away with it by maintaining a 95% diesel to 5% petrol ratio. However, it is highly recommended that you get your fuel tank completely drained to save it from bigger damages. In case you have put a large amount of wrong fuel in the car, get your fuel drained immediately because it contaminates the fuel and can cause a major damage to your engine.

Petrol in Diesel Engine

Will the engine start after putting petrol in diesel?

It is highly recommended not to start the engine and take out the keys if you have put petrol in a diesel vehicle. If you start the vehicle, petrol will flow through the fuel system resulting in expensive repairs. Things will get worse if you drive therefore keeping the engine switched off until the fuel is removed is the best practice.

Steps to take after putting Petrol in Diesel?

The first step to take after misfuelling your diesel vehicle with petrol is to park your car at a safe place and put into neutral and if you have already driven then turn off the engine immediately. In order to get the contaminated fuel drained call a professional fuel assist team. The wrong fuel drain professionals will drain all the contaminated fuel from your vehicle's tank and engine and refill the tank with the correct fuel to get you back on the road. Use a fuel additive to make sure that there remains no drop of contaminated fuel.

The wrong fuel options for you include

· Roadside Recovery

· Specialist Garage Recovery

· Main Service Dealer Recovery

The first option is to call a professional fuel assist team for roadside recovery. These technicians will flush the mixed fuel using ATEX approved equipment, within 20-30 minutes so that you resume your journey.

The second option is to have your vehicle collected by a specialist garage mechanic and get the wrong fuel drained.

The third option is to get the mixed fuel drained from main dealer's service centre. It is a suitable option if you want to retain the warranty on your car.

How much will it cost to drain wrong fuel?

The time and cost of draining the wrong fuel depend upon the damage if any and the recovery method. If you call the van for recovery, it will take only an hour and you will be back on the road. The cost will not be more than a couple of hundred pounds. If your vehicle has been driven a fair distance with the wrong fuel, the cost of repair can jump to thousands of pounds. In some of these cases, even a replacement engine is needed and this can take up to 5 working days.

What If the Wrong Fuel is not flushed properly?

If the contaminated fuel is not drained properly, the vehicle will face problems in the future. Some serious problems may not occur straight away, but you may face problems in the future. You may see traces of contaminated fuel and metal particles which will result in a decline of performance.

Does my insurance cover wrong fueling?

Please make sure you read the insurance policy documents to find out that if you can make a claim for wrong fuel drainage and repair expenses. If your policy contains a misfuelling cover, contact your insurer and you won't have to bear the repair expenses.

Is Fuel Filter Change Necessary?

If your car is under warranty please call your manufacturer before changing your fuel filters. However, if your car is not under warranty we recommend changing fuel filters. Changing of fuel filters is not a time taking process, nor are they costly.

How Not to Put Petrol in Diesel?

Stay focused while being at the pumps so that you can save yourself from a 'wrong fuel adventure.' The best way to avoid wrong fueling is to be vigilant at the pumps.

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