The No-Marketing Marketing

by Lancey Clemons Digital Marketing Specialist

Who says a complicated marketing plan or strategic self-promotion (cough selfies) is necessary to market your self?

You want people to notice you and your work? Simple. Focus on quality and commit to those consume the end-results of your efforts. Moreover, do not hesitate to share what you know with the world.

Let me list down 5 ways to market yourself using a no-marketing perspective. Sounds confusing? Read on:

1. Create and Get it Out there.

The greatest marketing tool you'll ever have is the work that you do.

The world may not listen but they will pay attention to your movements.

Quality essentially speaks for itself. The more quality work you put out, the fewer qualms you'll have about opening up to the world.  As you exude confidence in your craft, more people will hear and spread the word about you.

2. Be a generous person.

Share what you have. Whether it's your talent or your knowledge, if it's something that can lighten up anyone's load or contribute to the betterment of society, be sure to partake in it.

If your world only revolves around yourself, it will not make a difference in anyone's life. Selfishness does not go anywhere, it just stays in one place. But you are more than that. 

3. Go the Extra Mile.

Doing your job is one thing. Doing your job exceedingly well in anther.

An adequate job may get things done but hardly anyone talks about it. But if you give more than what is asked of you, not only will you exceed expectations, you will make a habit of living up to them. At times, without you having to pressure yourself. 

4. Befriend those who reach out to you.

While you are not obliged to answer every question thrown at you, and you certainly are not compelled to agree all the time, you do have some duty to reply.

In consideration of the person who made an effort to communicate with you, send a proper response. Who knows, this person could be the game-changer. The one who will change the fortunes of your business or help you get your name out there. Regardless, people and situations happen for a reason.

5. Pay attention to those who pay attention to you.

In the marketing realm, a lot gets lost in translation. At times, in our busy schedules, we forget the existence of customers, business partners and prospects. 

By acknowledging their existence, especially when you're in the midst of growing your company, can take you a long way. 

Remember: Everyone is worth your time.

* * *

This post is written by Lancey Clemons, digital media and content curator for an SEO Company in Canberra. Please visit their website for more information about affordable SEO services or to speak with in-house SEO specialists. 

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