The Multifarious Advantages of Canada Immigration

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Canada has established itself as a global immigration haven, and continues to welcome a steady flow of migrants with open arms. As per recent announcements, the Canada immigration authority intends to invite up to 1,000,000 new migrants to enjoy the coveted permanent resident (PR) status, from 2018 to 2020. The multitude of benefits that PR holders have access to attract a large volume of hopeful immigrants to the country, in search of an improved standard of living. For potential expats, living in Canada is an appealing prospect for a variety of reasons:

Job prospect in Canada
The Canadian job market is viable for various job profiles, making immigration more egalitarian for skilled and trade occupations. Additionally, unemployment aid safeguards PR holders who are unable to secure a job.

Permanent Residency
Permanent Residents can enrol in Medicare – Canada’s medical healthcare scheme – which allows their health care expenses to be covered by the government.

Good Education Facilities
Free public schooling, subsidised university education, as well as loans and bursaries for meritorious scholars are advantageous for dependent children or adult students migrating to Canada.

Citizenship Opportunity
A PR holder can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years of living in the country. This will allow them to gain the Canadian passport, right to vote, hold public office and seek government jobs.

Retirement Benefits
After becoming senior citizens, retirement and pension benefits can be claimed. This ensures that the quality of life does not diminish after leaving the workforce.

The consistent flow of wealth in the Canadian economy assures high wages; thus fostering sustainable growth, political and economic stability.

Diverse Culture
Canada is an immigrant-friendly destination – a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities, where distinct communities live in harmony. Immigrants are indispensable to the socio-economic landscape of Canada and the growth of local and national economies, which makes the immigrant’s integration into the culture a seamless transition.

Immigration Simplified
The Canada immigration procedure is streamlined and accessible, in comparison to other countries. Eligible candidates are appraised by the relevant authorities, without unnecessary delays or inconvenience.

NAFTA Benefits
The possibility of working in USA is feasible for skilled professional migrants settled in Canada, through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA benefits can be availed after becoming citizens.

Entrepreneurial Monetary Assistance
Foreign entrepreneurs receive monetary assistance from federal authorities and support or investment from designated organisations, if they are willing and able to establish a business in Canada.

Family PR
A person can sponsor their relatives under Canada Family Visa norms and they can be a PR holder. After some time they can invariably live, study and work in Canada under PR norms.

But in order to make them a PR holder, the main applicant has to be under these specific criteria. Following are they:
• They ought to be a Canadian Citizen
• Be a permanent resident of Canada
• It may be a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act

The candidates that fall under the above categories can invite their family to Canada. But there are some restrictions to that of whom they have to consider under the said visa. Following are the relatives considered under the same:
• Dependent Child
• Spouse or common law partner
• Spouse or common law partner’s dependent child
• A dependent child of a dependent child.

There are some relatives that are kept out of these visa norms. Following are those relatives:
• Grandparents
• Parents
• Uncle or aunt
• Brother or sister
• Nephew or niece
• Other relatives

So while applying for Family PR visa, a candidate needs to take care of these points and judge whom they can invite or not.

Better Standard of Living
Canada being a developed country has a better life index in comparison to other countries. It’s a huge country providing benefits to its citizens in various ways. That in itself makes it the most livable country in the world. Following are some of the facets it provides to its citizens:
• Healthcare benefits
• Null racism 
• Retired people are provided with the monthly pension benefits
• School level education would be free for the kids
• Canadian Passport can help to travel visa free to some countries
• Canadian government provides social benefits to its citizens
• The candidate can live, work or study anywhere in Canada

This is not the exhaustive list, the government of Canada provides many more benefits which makes it one of the riches to live and make your career in Canada. It worth an every penny to live and work in Canada.

For these reasons and more, Canada attracts an abundance of immigration hopefuls from across the world. In order to explore the varied options for how to immigrate to Canada, it is in the aspirant’s interest to seek guidance from the best immigration consultants in Delhi, and across India. The dream of Canada immigration can be willed into existence through perseverance, patience and reliable assistance!

The lucrative prospect of becoming a Canadian permanent resident attracts a diverse range of candidates to the Great White North. Immigrating to Canada under the liberal immigration policy and comprehensive application process opens a wide range of possibilities for all aspirants.

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