The Mini Guide to Buying Personalized Jewelry

by Jeff M. Writer

If you’ve never bought personalized jewelry yourself, your first time trying it might be a bit disorienting. Jewelries are large investments – after all you want something you can wear for a long time without any damages – so it requires a lot of research, patience and knowing exactly what you want.

Whether it’s a gold left-hand ring, sparkly earrings, or the silver bracelets you’re aiming to acquire, there’ll definitely be a piece that fits your budget, lifestyle and wardrobe perfectly.

Most people don’t buy lots of jewelries at once because it’s very expensive; they do it gradually, buying one piece at a time till they have lots to choose from, while others just go for the showstopper at once, depending on the budget.

However, of all the jewelries to buy, there’s none that will attract you more than a personalized one. It gives you a unique sense of belonging – having jewelry with your name on it. It can be created by using your date of birth, image or name and can be worn wherever you like. It could be a ring, a name necklace, earrings, bracelets, any kind of jewelry.

Buying this is not an easy task. You’ll be spending a fortune on it and the last thing needed is you regretting that you did. Avoid any last minute regret and follow the mini guide to buying personalized jewelry.

1. Discover your style

When choosing a personalized jewelry, do it in line with your style. Study your wardrobe, is it more of suits and heels or bum shorts and T-shirts? What kind of events do you attend? Are you outgoing or just the very reserved type? Are you more feminine or the sporty type?

These questions will guide you through the purchase of a personalized jewelry because at the end of the day, you’ll discover that you’ve chosen one that goes just well with your lifestyle.

2. Type of personalized jewelry

There are different types of jewelries that can be personalized and necklaces are one of the most popular options. This is because they are easy to personalize and easy to wear. There are various types of personalized necklaces such as locket necklaces with personal messages, initials necklace, etc.

The key is to consider how often you wear jewelry and the type you want – then you pick a style. And it’s now very easy to personalize jewelry based on your style. I simply go online to get  my name necklace and other pieces of jewelry I want to personalize.

3. Type of personalization

After choosing your jewelry style, the next would be choosing a personalization option. How you want it personalized and the type of personalization technology you want – stamping, engraving, casting, etc.

If you’re creating monograms and initial necklaces, casting is the most preferred option while stamping and engraving are better options for making name bracelets and necklaces.

4. Fine and costume jewelry

The two main types of jewelries are the fine and costume jewelry and both can be personalized. Fine jewelry is of high value and contains precious gemstones and metals while the costume jewelry is of limited value and has little or no precious materials embedded in it.

You can choose either of the two, depending on how much your  budget for the purchase of the personalized jewelry is, however, the costume jewelry is cheaper, great for everyday wear and can be a very good gift while the fine jewelry is more valuable and should be for special occasions only.

Owning a personalized jewelry is great and has its own uniqueness, however, it’s essential you follow the guide above before purchasing any so you don’t waste such huge amount on a piece you’ll never wear.

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