The Luminaries; the Sun and the Moon:

by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer


The sun is the king of planets and represents the soul. He is cruel, masculine by instinct and Kshatriya by caste. The Sun should never be mistaken to be malefic. He has broad shoulders. He is tall an majestic, has few hairs, possesses strong and eyes of yellow color and is of bilious disposition. The body is both real and mixed black and is broad, loves war,

is strong during the day. He is lean, likes bitter and pungent things, loves truth, is charitable, righteous, God- fearing, loving and helps others. He is dignified, honorable, generous, and punctual and has excellent and severe manners. He is industrious, entertains noble thoughts. He has strong willpower, which bestows power, authority, dignity, resolution, and self-reliance and is a source of all lungs and vital organs. He wanders through the forest. He looks in appearance as around fifty years (Earth). Wears cloth of thick thread the sun represents the soul in man. A well-placed Sun in the natal chart bestows an aggressive individuality.


She is the queen among planets and is next to the sun. She represents the mind as the Sun represents the soul of any living organism. It also represents personality, feeling, emotions, passions, pleasure, and pain. She is waxing or waning accordingly as manifested in the brighter or darker half. The former is called the Shukla Paksha and the latter Krishna Paksha, on Earth (obvious observation).

The waxing Moon is benefic, whereas the waning would be malefic. Some perceive the Moon to be benefic from the fifth of Shukla paksha to the fifth of Krishna Paksha and malefic afterward.

Moon is female and Vaisya by the caste according to the Manu Samhita. She influences more strongly during the night as compared to the Sun's activity during the day.

She is fair, attractive, capable of knowing things, related to aesthetics, white as observed on Earth, fickle-minded, wavering, breezy, and phlegmatic in the constitution and possesses more blood, speaks sweet words and is kind-hearted. She has a round and tall body. She is a friend, is of the Satvik temperament, mild, truthful, charitable, God-fearing, righteous, loving, optimistic and helps others. Her physique comprises short arms, thick hands and feet, grey eyes and a round face. A malefic moon causes venereal diseases and shows an appetite for salty things.

The Moon is a satellite of the Earth and nearest to the Earth, having significant implications on the life of this planet. The Moon has a considerable effect over mind, emotions, sentiments and human activity of all sorts. In Indian astrology, monthly forecasts are often made from the transits of planets from the natal moon. The Moon thus occupies a pivotal position in the Indian system of astrology. The placement of the Moon in the natal chart reveals the basic likes and dislikes of man and flaws which can make or mar an individual's life and standing.

The Moon revolves around the Earth. It is 238840 miles away from the Earth and goes around the Earth in roughly 28 days. The Moon is a feminine planet and signifies fair complexion, young and attractive features and well-shaped body.

In the first house, the moon gives the attractive appearance and in the 2nd house blesses the native with a reasonable accumulation of wealth. In the third house, he gets ample love and affection from his brothers and sisters. He will also get enough strength and courage to face problems in life. In the 4th house, it bestows moderate happiness through vehicles, landed properties and mother's affection. It also makes him happy and gives enjoyment of the life. In the 5th house, the Moon endows the native with creative intelligence, and one of his children becomes famous. In the 6th house, it causes some adversaries and stomach ailments and adversely affects his compatibility with his life partner. In other words, in conjugal happiness, there could be some strains and hassles. But if life the native is born on the full Moon, its location in the 6th house is quite comfortable. In the 7th house, the Moon attracts him to the members of the opposite sex and blesses him with an attractive spouse. The placement of the Moon in the 8th house causes some ailments


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