The Importance of Social Media for Your Business in South Africa

by TM Maria Be a king in your own kingdom

85% of Internet users in our country between 16 and 65 years old use social networks, according to the latest report of the association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in South Africa. Taking into account this fact, if your store has a profile in social networks, it has a showcase through which 25.5 million people can spend. Without a doubt, it is an opportunity that you cannot miss.

When we talk about online presence we not only refer to having e-commerce, but also to have a business profile in the most famous social networks and manage it properly. Because, it is also an error, to have a profile and publish little, to generate content that is not useful for your followers, since you will be investing time and you will not get any kind of benefit. Later we will talk about how to manage social profiles correctly.

In this article we want to offer you the importance of Social Media Marketing in South Africa, and as an agency specializing in digital marketing, our vision on social networks and its importance in order to obtain better results both in physical sale and online sale.


A company that has an active presence in social networks enhances the brand image, that is, how consumers or our followers are positioned in front of our brand, the place we occupy in its head. In addition, we will build trust in them.

Social networks with an excellent means to give life to our company, bring the brand closer to the final consumer, makes it more real. In a way, it reduces the distance that exists when a purchase is made online, you do not see the seller, and he does not see you, but through social networks that coldness can be reduced, and without doubt, you will get more customers. You will increase traffic to your website.

All this has a bad side too, and is that, just as networks can benefit you if you make good use of them, they can harm you and throw away all or most of your work overboard if you do not manage them and correctly guide your Social strategy. Half.


Social Networks allow small and medium businesses to approach their customers and find potential customers. Most allow you to access thousands of people interested in your company, which will improve your conversion in the future. As we said at the beginning, most people look for information on networks, so if you do not appear, your competition will be, and you will be losing a very valuable client.


Through Social Networks you can know what your customers think and think about you and the products you offer, you can also have a primary vision about the reception that the launch of a new product will have, or manage possible complaints.

Consumers go before the networks if they have any doubt or incidence with a product instead of calling the company, so we must bear in mind that the response time must be low. We give you an example, imagine that a customer buys your product or service and does not like it or does not work well, will go to social networks and say what he thinks. If we respond quickly we will be counteracting your opinion so that said comment will less damage the image of us than if we do not answer anything.


Which company does not want to come out in the first Google search results? We all want

Well, in addition to all the work that is necessary to have a good positioning, we can contribute to SEO if we have presence in networks. For the new Google algorithms, your company will be better positioned if it also has a presence on social networks.


The last point, but no less important, is the fact that social media publications are a wonderful form of advertising, and most importantly, it's free!

Having a profile in any of the most used networks is completely free, so you'll be getting to know, attracting customers and generating sales at a lower cost than if you make a campaign.

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