The greatest benefits of buying a home in Navi Mumbai

by Abhishek Patil Search Engine Optimization

A lot of the so called 'experts' say that investing in property is a bad decision. They argue that you'd earn a greater ROI if you just live in a rented house and spend the amount you'd have spent on buying a house on another investment. While this argument may hold some logic in some, or most cities, but it makes zero sense if you are talking about buying a property in Navi Mumbai. This statement would obviously prompt a simple question - "Why?" Well, read on to find out!

High ROI

First things first, let us address the primary concern that most doubters of property investments have - the ROI. Navi Mumbai is one of the most rapidly growing cities in India. It is also one of the most habitable cities of the country. As a result, people keep flocking to this city in search of a better life and better livelihood opportunities. This has meant that prices of flats in Navi Mumbai are shooting through the roof. An escalation of 15-20% in property prices year on year is not an anomaly in this city. And that, obviously, is a much higher ROI than the ROI any safe investment could offer. Case closed!

Employment opportunities

Navi Mumbai is home to a host of Indian and multinational companies. As Mumbai’s real estate prices have gone beyond the realms of affordability, businesses have now turned to Navi Mumbai to set up shop. As a result, you will find major companies in almost all sectors present here in this city. This means that there is no dearth of employment opportunities here. It thus makes sense to buy flats in Kharghar, Vashi, Panvel, Badlapur, etc. so that you live in close proximity of your workplace.

Cleanliness & infrastructure

In a country like India, where pollution plagues every major city and infrastructure facility is strictly okay at best, Navi Mumbai is like an oasis in a desert. Navi Mumbai constantly ranks among the top 10 cleanest cities in India. The city is well planned and has great infrastructure facilities. And it isn’t often you could find both these things in an Indian city. This is another reason why it is a great idea to buy a 2 BHK or 1 BHK in Navi Mumbai. After all, would you want to spend your life in a city that fills polluted air in your lungs and makes you spend hours commuting or would you rather live in a place that has clean, pure air to breathe and a sound transport and infrastructure system?

The above 3 factors make it evident that buying a house in Navi Mumbai has great merits. Besides, builders in Navi Mumbai, such as Siddhivinayak Homes, have developed and are continuing to develop a number of high quality housing projects. These projects combine the virtues of luxury and affordability and are ideal for people from all walks of society. What else could you ask for from a city? 

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