The Five Top Cabinets To Maximise Your Office Storage Space

by Kara Sherwood Digital & Content Marketing
Offices that deal with a lot of paperwork tend to get cluttered over time. As papers and files pile up every month, keeping the office decluttered and organised becomes difficult, and there's always a risk of losing important documents.

With that in mind, intelligent installation of metal storage drawers and metal lockers is essential for any office. However, with a wide range of storage systems on the market, selecting cost-efficient and durable cabinets can be tricky and the risk of purchasing inefficient cabinetry is high. 

To avoid these issues, this article will take a closer look at the top five metal cabinets specifically designed to maximise storage space. These products are highly durable and efficient, and they also look great in the office.

1) Swing door cabinets

Nothing can replace the traditional swing door cabinets. They are the best for offices with limited space as they can be installed anywhere to ensure maximum use of storage areas. The convenient swing door has a unique locking system, making it suitable storage for confidential documents.

A wide range of these cabinets are available on the market today, but not all are that durable or efficient. Here are some key features to look for when purchasing swing door cabinets for offices:

Manufactured from highly durable high-density steel
Sufficient storage space
Advanced locking systems 
Adjustable shelving
Lightweight but sturdy construction

2) Metal Storage Drawers

Metal storage drawers or filing cabinets made from high-density steel are perfect for offices dealing with a lot of paperwork. These cabinets do not consume much space and keep documents safe from damage and loss. They have sufficient storage space and separated compartments for users to categorise items according to their business requirements and preferences. These cabinets also provide easy access and support labelling, allowing staff to rapidly locate what they need. The two most common types of steel cabinets are:

● Lateral Filing Cabinets - These cabinets have a lateral arrangement with up to four drawers in one row. Their flat structure keeps files and documents safe and provides easy access, keeping all drawers within a height of around 4 feet. Lateral filing cabinets are highly durable, and also have unique noise-reducing nylon rubber buffers, making them suitable for all types of environments. 

● Vertical Filing Cabinets - As the name suggests vertical filing cabinets have vertically stacked drawers. These cabinets are available in various sizes from two drawers to up to four drawers in one row. Their features are identical to the lateral filing cabinets, but they have more depth, allowing the user to stack files in a linear, convenient format. 

3) Plan File Cabinets

The next most useful option is the plan file cabinet. It is a durable and secure design, ideal for the storage of plans, maps, archive records and paintings. The flat and lengthy drawers ensure safe storage for long sheets of paper. They protect items from damage, bending or tearing due to space limitations. When selecting cabinets, check the following features to ensure the best performance:

Purchase the right size with a sufficient number of drawers
Look for high-density steel cabinets as they offer corrosion resistance and durability
Cabinets with drawer slides instead of bearings perform better in the long run
Choose a provider that offers a wide range of colours and specifications to suit your business needs

4) Box Cabinet

Box cabinets are the best way to store frequently accessed papers and documents. Such papers often clutter up office desks as employees frequently use them for reference. However, with box cabinets, these papers can be stored on a well-organised shelf, and staff can still access them easily. Box cabinets do not have drawers or locks. They have vertically stacked spacious shelves, perfectly designed for solander boxes and other documents. 

5) Tambour Door Cabinets

Tambour door cabinets are specifically designed for offices with limited space. They have smooth, noiseless and retractable doors, which allow quick and convenient access to the files inside. If purchasing tambour cabinets from a reputable manufacturer, there should be the option to customise the size and number of shelves. The best cabinets will also have highly efficient locking systems, enabling the storage of sensitive and confidential documents with protection from unauthorised access. 


This article explored the latest and most efficient high-density steel cabinetry options for commercial and industrial spaces. If your company is experiencing disorganised filing and storage space limitations, it’s time to switch out poorly designed or inefficient cabinets and replace them with compact, effective and attractive modern storage solutions. 

Installing these systems will not only declutter your office, but also improve the overall efficiency of operations and provide a more pleasant working environment. Productivity can increase as staff are able to easily identify documents they need to use and file items away in well ordered and simple to use systems. 

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