The elegant wardrobe - how to put your clothing pieces together

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Dressing elegantly is an art, and not all people can master it. You need to follow some basic rules in order to put your clothing pieces together. Moreover, you have to choose these clothing pieces wisely, respecting the current trends and your body type. People who believe that dressing well is easy don’t know how many intricacies are behind a good outfit. This article is meant to present the rules that need to be respected to dress in an elegant manner at all times. If that’s the style you want to achieve, then you are in the right place and these tips will make your job a thousand times easier. Here’s what you should know:

The fashion formula

A good fashion outfit comes with a formula that you have to consider each time you build an outfit (and people say that fashion is not related to math). The formula is a simple one and you can memorize it quite easy. A great fashion outfit = 1 basic combo + 1 interest piece + 1 completer piece + accessories. This formula is just as easy to explain. The basic combo is represented by putting together two classical clothing pieces in your wardrobe. Since you want to achieve an elegant style, you combo should contain a pair of jeans or pants and a white shirt or a basic top. The colors will be discussed later.

The interest piece is totally different from the basic combo is selected. This piece must somehow match the combo, but stand out from it. This is where you can add a bolder color to your outfit, a pattern, some texture or even some shine. It is up to you. The completer piece will give your outfit that layered look that all women want when dressing elegantly. It can be a jacket, a cardigan or a statement belt. Finally, the accessories should be selected depending on the final look of the outfit. Outfits are empty without adding accessories. When opting for an elegant outfit, you should consider bags, fine jewelry and amazing shoes cannot miss from the picture.

Completing your wardrobe

The fashion formula can’t be respected if your wardrobe doesn’t contain the essential pieces you need. Dressing elegantly can’t be done by wearing any type of clothes. Simplicity and quality are keys, but you must complete your wardrobe with the missing pieces. The first principle you must learn is related to quality. Buying quality pieces will last a longer while and the investment is definitely worth it this way. Items that are timeless and last for at least several seasons can be combined in many ways. Instead of buying more cheap-looking items, stick with quality ones that look flawless. The next principle is variety. If you want to dress elegantly at all times, you must invest in a mix of classic pieces. Trend-driven updates also enter in this category. Know the difference between variety and versatility. Versatility is obtained when the pieces you buy work for multiple occasions and outfits. This gives you complete freedom in combining the items you buy, regardless of the season as well. Variety is all about having multiple choices to obtain personalized looks. If all your clothes look the same, you won’t be able to build your own style. The last principle is represented by form and function. The clothes you buy must fit your body type. More than that, they need to be practical and comfortable to wear. If you buy clothing items that you hate wearing, they will only sit in your wardrobe with no purpose at all. The original designer Ottavio Missoni just launched a new collection full of classical pieces that would fit just right in any fashion lover’s wardrobe.  

Understand patterns

As mentioned before, the interest piece is the one that gives the look a personal touch. You must choose either a color or a pattern that makes the outfit interesting and individual. It’s recommended to choose patterns if your outfit is too dull. This is a list of types of patterns that come and go, depending on the season and the current trends. Learning more about these patterns will help you choose one that suits your outfit.

·         Awning – wide pattern that combines two solid colors in vertical stripes

·         Pinstripes – stripe-based pattern with very thin lines and darker colors

·         Regimental – British regiments-inspired colors, used in neckwear

·         Balanced/unbalanced – symmetrical or unsymmetrical layouts with colored bands that have a focal point

·         Roman – multicolored stripes (contains mostly bold colors that are powerfully contrasting)

·         Barcode – unbalanced striped pattern with lines of varying width that resembles a barcode (colors may vary) 

·         Pincheck – a check pattern with pin-sized stripes

·         Bayadere – bright colors arranged in horizontal stripes inspired from the Indian culture

·         Gingham – check-effect pattern with overlapping stripes, also known as Vichy

·         Pencil – pencil-like lines of multiple colors with a wide distance between them

Elegant shoes are a must

Completing the outfit with an elegant pair of shoes is a must. You can’t put in so much effort in building an outfit and wear a random pair of sneakers. Here are the recommended shoes for an elegant outfit:

·         Black ankle boots – these boots will definitely add some attitude to a cold-season outfit; plus, they are extremely comfortable and any woman can wear them

·         Nude heels – walking on heels all day is a little bit challenging but surely worth it; once you find a pair of comfortable nude heels, you hit the jackpot

·         Leather loafers – leather loafers are the most professional pair of shoes that you can wear to complete an outfit; bonus: they are extremely comfortable and versatile, but remember to choose pointed toe ones for an extra touch of elegance

·         Black pumps – all women should have a pair of classic black pumps; even though they are more difficult to wear, they can be matched to any sort of outfit and instantly add a polished and sophisticated look to it

·         Tall boots – fall and winter are the seasons of leather tall boots – either calf height or over the knee 

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