The Complexities Between The Residential & Commercial Ductwork:

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People might think there are no differences between commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services. However, the principle of work is the same as cleaning the debris, but they have are quite distinct from each other.


The commercial and residential cooling or heating system has similar components, but the difference starts with the 'Ductwork.'


Check out how these two are distinct from one another:


1.     Material: Usually, there are three types of materials used in the residential and commercial ductwork constructions, which are mentioned below.


Stainless steel is commonly found in the ductwork. Stainless steel builds rounded sheets and is typically either rectangular or circular. In wide parts, metal ductwork is constructed with smaller sections, and it often forms the flexible elbow joints where the duct needs to curve. Stainless steel canals help avoid gas leakage.


The fiberglass duct board is constructed by reinforcing the fiberglass with exterior foil coating resisting moisture and providing an air shield. Their seamless interior provides limited air supply tolerance, and they are often lined to stop loosening of any patches of fiberglass effectively.


Flexible non-flammable ducts are quite compact and easy to stretch since they consist of a single metal wire concealed in plastic or equivalent non-metallic material. They are beneficial in locations where heavier metal ductwork is impossible because of insufficient space or an irregular design with or without barriers.


2.     Maintenance: 


Most of the time, the cost for upkeep the ductwork is high due to the complexity of the system, and extensive training of the professional. Compared to residential duct cleaning, the commercial duct cleaning service is costly, as they are installed in a massive area with more complicated designs.


Air ducts in the residential area are implemented in a small area, and it hardly takes two to three hours to clean the duct. Large industries have a large number of air ducts, and also the cleaning is not frequent in the commercial areas, this is why they collect huge debris and mold inside them, which takes time to clean them properly.


3.     Location: 


An essential difference between residential and commercial units is where they are situated in homes and offices. Residential air duct systems usually placed on the ground nearby to the house; while commercial air duct systems are mounted on the roof for the following reasons:

· Large size

· The capacity of professionals to conduct repairs without disrupting the official work

· Security from violence in car parks and pathways


4.     Components:


The components that are present inside the center are both residential and industrial pipe ductwork. Residential HVAC systems are typically in splits, though, an industry concept indicating the two devices operate together to heat and cool the house. 


The enclosed unit houses the drain for blower, evaporator, and condensate, while the outdoor unit houses the fan for compressors, condensers, and condensers.

Commercial HVAC systems are typically one device in a single cabinet with certain parts that are placed outside. The metal ductwork houses zonal dampers within the frame.


5.     Additions:


Usually, housing dwellings are independent and cannot be expanded on. As the indoor and outdoor systems continue to operate together, the whole device has to be changed if any significant improvements are made to the heating and cooling system. That requires some upgrades to metal ductwork, such as 

Zoned ventilation and refrigeration.


Commercial systems are versatile, meaning they can be changed when desired. Technicians may also connect smaller parts of this wide unit to compact commercial structures, and move them more efficiently than the complete residential package. The industrial ductwork, though, isn't always modified.


When employing a professional that provides one of all commercial and residential duct cleaning, you will be assured the service can fulfill your standards. Whatever HVAC device you have, well cleaned and controlled ducts guarantee a safer indoor climate.

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