The Birthstone's Enduring Place in History

by Kevin Smith Author

Birthstones are gemstones that symbolize a person's birth month or zodiac sign. Many people wear jewelry with their corresponding birthstones as they believe it will bring luck and success. But is there any truth behind this? Where does the concept of birthstones originate? 


History of Birthstones

Different culture and beliefs have their own explanations of how birthstones came to be. In western culture, birthstones are believed to originate from the twelve stones in Aaron's breastplate, a story found in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. 


According to the book of Exodus, Aaron, the brother of Moses, who was a high priest of the Israelites, possessed a ceremonial breastplate which had 12 stones representing each tribe of Israel. It wasn't until 1st century AD when these 12 tribes were then connected by Romano-Jewish scholar Titus Flavius Josephus to the 12 months of the year.


Wearing birthstones as a sign of good luck was first practiced in Poland in the 15th century. Ancient polish people used to wear different stones each month to attract different kinds of blessings and good fortune.


The modern birthstones we have today are a standard created by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. In 1952, they added Alexandrite for June, Tourmaline for October, and Citrine for November. Today, in Olney, IL, local jewelry stores offer different kinds of jewelry with embedded gemstones.


Your Birthstone's Meanings

Since the middle ages, the allure of gems has led people to believe that precious stones have special powers. Some are said to have healing properties. Others even promise protection from evil while some stones are believed to attract love and success. Here are some of the commonly shared birthstone blessings and symbolism:


·         January - "Garnet" stone of eternal friendship. Blessings: safe travels, permanence, faithfulness

·         February - "Amethyst" the healer's stone. Blessings: strong relationship, courage

·         March - "Aquamarine" stone of pure heart.  Blessings: security, calmness, cool

·         April - "Diamond" stone of true and everlasting love. Blessings: purity, courage, innocence

·         May - "Emerald" stone of eternal youth. Blessings: fertility, good fortune, compassion

·         June - "Pearl" stone of purity. Blessings: joy, safety, elegance

·         July - "Ruby" stone of leadership. Blessings: success, wealth, wisdom

·         August - "Peridot" stone of strength. Blessings: victory, influence, valor

·         September - "Sapphire" stone of kings. Blessings: loyalty, wisdom, positive energy

·         October - "Tourmaline" the seer's stone. Blessings: prowess, devotion, creativity

·         November - "Topaz" stone of endurance. Blessings: harvest, fortitude, knowledge

·         December - "Turquoise" stone of the sea. Blessings: good life, love, protection

It's fascinating to think about how ancient the concepts of birthstones are. But it's still interesting to uncover all the special symbolism and blessings of each precious stone. Despite having no scientific basis, birthstones are a well-accepted tradition in many cultures and beliefs. Are you looking to buy jewelry with your embedded birthstone in Olney IL? Local jewelry stores in this area offer different kinds of ornaments with precious gemstones.

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