The Biggest Mistake New Email Marketers Make

by Steven Lucas Webmaster, Marketer, Author, Tech,
Several years ago it was incredibly easy to put together a good list of subscribers fast. Most likely because getting an email was a new thing still to everybody, so they happily popped in their email address in exchange for a cheap report and a newsletter.
That’s not the way things work now. A big problem is, there are still marketing manuals that teach list-building tips from many years ago. Even badly researched new videos show this rehashed garbage, simply because the author hasn’t built an email list in the last ten years.
That’s probably why list building newcomers are producing so many problems for themselves. And one of the top mistakes they’re making is to offer a low-quality product in exchange for contact details.
The name ”value offering” should be your first reason that you can’t offer a heap of junk. This isn’t the time to dig out some public label rights offering that hasn’t worked in the last decade. Forget about using that resell rights report that was discredited long ago. And don’t even think about giving something shoddy just because you’re giving it away for nothing.
Be sure of this, if you offer any of these daft things then you’ll be the one checking out minuscule subscriber quantities while wishing about multi-thousand member lists.
So, let me tell you the real truth about creating a quality offering that really pulls in laser targeted sign-ups and gets them clamouring to join your newsletter list (and buy from you). Take a look at these few tips…
Tip 1: Give TheOpt-Ins What They  Want
Don’t guess what your niche wants. Instead, roll up your sleeves and do a bit of preparation.
A good method to do this is to go to sites like and, check out what’s a big seller in your marketplace, and then create something almost identical to offer to your prospects. Probably, if your market is already putting up money to buy a specific type of product – such as a weight loss cookbook or a graphics editing guide, for example — then they’ll snap it up when you offer it for free.
Tip 2: Produce Something Prospects Will Refer To Often
The more often opt-in use your ethical bribe product, the more they’ll trip over your ideas, links and calls to action. This is a good reason why you’ll want to produce a resource or tool that they’ll use frequently. Examples include:
• A gear list.
• A noddy guide.
• An app or other pieces of software.
So maybe you had an ebook or report in mind. No problem. Just be sure this ebook or report contains something people will need to refer to often. For example, if it’s a weight loss report, then you might include meal plans and recipes.
Next tip…
Tip 3: Give It Value
The first hint was to make your freebie essential. Now, this last tip is to be sure your offer is perceived as being valuable also. Make the opt-in think that you should be able to happily charge money for — $27, $47, $147 or more.
As you can imagine, a lot of list builders make the schoolboy error of using an old product as an opt-in gift. They think that since they ’re giving it away, then the product itself shouldn’t be worth much.
This is where you should be doing just the opposite. Make the product desirable and delight your sign-ups. Show them that your giveaways that are even better than what other people are making them pay money for. This not only boosts your subscriber to visitor ratio, it will increase your funnel conversion rate too as subscribers will be eager to buy what you’re selling.
Last Word…
A quality giveaway needs to live up to your brand so that it attracts prospects. But your ethical bribe also needs to work hard for you to convert these potential buyers to raid their piggy-banks. If you use the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to creating free products that builds big lists.
Of course, what you’ve learned so far is just the tip of the list-building iceberg. If you want to know what the best email marketers in the world do to build big, responsive lists, then you’re going to want to look into our FREE E-Marketers Club. Check it out right now so that you too can discover these list building secrets for yourself.

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