The Best Motivational Books to Change Your Perspective of Seeing Life

by Pristine Collon Professional Writer

The term ‘motivation’ could differ and come in many forms; peculiarly, about books. Fiction can allow one to grow as the characters did in those, and non-fiction can guide how to do better in everything from personal to professional development at a steady pace. The motivational books can do an extra bit further, particularly for those who need that fantastic feeling of satisfaction. There is a Danish saying, ‘Hygge,’ a magical way of interpreting: let’s get in a loop of fire and passion within a book, which will ease and calm the soul. 


Within these below-mentioned outstanding inspirational books, you will come to know a variety of genres, likings, perspectives of different authors. Despite all the differences and distinctness, they all seek to guide you to see life through a new mind, mood for a better you, and a better future. Isn’t it curious to know of these books that can change your life, your way of seeing things considering a better tomorrow? Without further ado, let’s start learning of these great readings. 


The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins: This motivational book teaches you many things, evaluate different aspects, including becoming confident, beat stress, fear, uncertainty, break the overthinking nature and self-doubt habit, and be calmer and happier. It may sound a more-than-ask of the book and is one of the renowned must-reads in these times. As the title suggests, the book is built on the 5-second rule that you must take 5 seconds every time you need to push yourself. Even the Robbins Ted Talk video had been watched by over eight million people from all across the world. If you haven’t read this one, make sure to keep in your list delving deeper into the science and productivity of habits. 


The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler: The famous saying of Dalai Lama is, “The purpose of life is to achieve happiness.” Reaching the destination is simpler said than done. This compassionately written, philosophically motivational read will guide you the way better. The key to personal fulfillment and contentment is showing compassion for others and gratitude in life. It depicts many scientific and spiritual insights as well, which is profoundly motivating. 


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz: It is another catchy read, telling everyone the four agreements to be followed in life to walk on the path to freedom and independence. They are not taking anything personally, be exquisite with your word, do your best, and do not make assumptions. Make sure to add to your list of inspirational books having the capability to change your perception and bring positive changes. 


Designing your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans: If you are looking for a motivational read that can help you at your professional front, this is the one you must go through. It helps you in designing the ideal professional life that you have always desired. It focuses on how to optimally use design thinking in creating a meaningful and satisfying professional life. No matter which situation you are in, you have the power to improvise it, make the better of it. 


The Alchemist by Paul Coelho: This worldwide bestseller is one of the favorites of many celebrities and individuals worldwide. It’s no wonder why people love reading this slim, fascinating fable. In just 163 pages, you can find a lot of wisdom and inspiration. Coelho shares self-help advice in this mesmerizing story, teaching you to reach for your dreams and goals in the process. 


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert: Elizabeth Gilbert is no stranger to the readers seeking the emotional realm now and then. The author inspires the younger generation to travel more, carving out the inner creativity to bring the best in you. It is an honest, funny, encouraging, and enlightening read. And, whether you wish to create music, write a poem, story, draw anything, paint, or else, it will help to accomplish the same. 


The Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh: This book is an exceptionally massively powerful 1955 memoir written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Taking the world by storm, she depicts many things in this book, from motherhood to an ocean-view vacation to society’s emerging technologies. The readers get new ideas and connections while reading this, and get an insight into the mindful state, imbibe a sense of calmness in a busy life schedule, and more that you won’t find in other self-motivating books. 


Hidden Solutions All Around You: Why Some People Can See Them and Some Can’t by Daniel Castro: Why it happens - Some people grab the opportunity at the right time, and some let it pass by? Daniel Castro notices “the why” and did the psychological and neurological research on the subject and explained it in the book beautifully. It is another must-read, helping you know where the blind spots are, why they exist, and how to overcome them efficaciously. If you are very much erroneous these days at solving problems, you might be missing the obvious and undeniably the excellent advice of Castro. 


The Art of Less Doing by Ari Meisel: Everything Ari Meisel learned and experienced is in his book. It focuses on his “Automate, Optimize, and Outsource” approach that helps you operate tasks and actions smartly rather than harder. It is a must-read, and after reading this, you will do less work but experience more happiness, gratification, and results. 


No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories by Miranda July: This awe-motivating collection of short stories is one of the best reads and has been translated into multiple languages. Whether it is the pro swim coach trying to take a session and teach on dry land, two friends trying to make it in the world, or any other fable, the stories depict humankind’s inspirational and desperate attempts to make progress in their respective lives fantastically.  


Reading motivational books can make a big difference in our lives, how we see ourselves, and the world around us for the better. Reading them frequently not only will keep you in the best health and state of mind, but also help in looking out to the world and life positively and with the zest of living it happily. So, make an effort, take the time out to go through these notable, successful bestsellers. Get the motivation to smash your worries, limitations, take positive actions, and make better choices in life.

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