The Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

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Keeping your property and buildings protected around the clock proves difficult, even with all kinds of modern technology at your fingertips. But mobile security patrols offer benefits beyond what technology provides. Below is an exploration of what these patrols offer and eight benefits for your home or business.


About Mobile Security

 Did you know that almost 10 million property crimes occur in North America each year? According to 2016 statistics, about 400 people in every 100,000 receive an arrest for crimes of larceny, burglary and theft annually. That makes the odds of you or someone you know experiencing these property crimes quite high.


 So, what is mobile security, and how can you benefit from these patrols? First and foremost, mobile security training, attention and quality goes far beyond the typical "security guard." These are not people who sit behind desks and stare into security camera views all night.


 Instead, mobile security officers train as the personnel who maintain checks on groups of properties throughout their shift, using a vehicle to go from property to property and respond to problems. They respond to alarms, check the property's doors, provide safety escorts for employees and perform other tasks as assigned. But to benefit from mobile patrols, you must ensure you receive those services from a reputable company that employs qualified personnel, such as those who are highly trained or even off-duty police officers.


Benefits of Mobile Security

 Advantages of mobile security include:


It is cost-effective

 When operating on a tight budget, you should not have to sacrifice the security of your business or property. Mobile patrols provide an inexpensive option that you can fit into your budget, even if this is your first consideration of security. You pay the company an affordable rate and share the overall cost with other businesses on the patrol route.


It is reliable

 Many security guards sleep on the job, both literally and figuratively. Do you want to trust your security to someone who sits in one place all night? By choosing a reputable mobile patrol entity, you gain the expert care of trained professionals. Many mobile patrol officers are off-duty law enforcement with advanced training no regular security guard offers.


They provide fast and responsive service

 A foot-based security guard cannot respond quickly to large properties. Many do not even have the essential physical fitness required to do so. If you have multiple buildings on your property or a vast space, guards who sit in one place are not sufficient. Further, a mobile patrol provides greater visibility and appears more intimidating to criminals who know they cannot outpace a rapid-response vehicle.


They deter and prevent crime

 Criminals want to commit crimes where they can quickly achieve their goals. They do not like risk or hard work for illicit acts. This is precisely why they choose to invade properties where security guards sit at a desk or patrol on foot, in comparison to those with mobile officers.


 To avoid visible patterns, high-quality mobile patrol companies have their patrols conducted randomly and unpredictably. This puts criminals on edge and prevents them from knowing when they can intrude or commit other criminal acts.


They keep your employees and visitors safe

 Mobile patrols are not just for nighttime. Daytime patrol officers can assist with angry customers, shoplifters and suspicious persons, possibly scouting the business for later burglary. These patrols also keep panhandlers, disorderly people and others who cause problems away from your customers and employees.


They provide emergency assistance

 Because mobile patrol personnel typically have better training than a typical "security guard," these officers can help when seconds count. Many are off-duty police officers able to perform CPR or first aid. They can also quickly secure your building if storms break windows or other problems occur. If they suspect trouble, they can respond promptly to investigate and take action, such as by calling 911 while they secure the property.


So Many Reasons to Hire Mobile Security

 Above are only some of the reasons why mobile security is a smart choice. If you need help keeping your business secure and safe from criminal activity, consider mobile security patrols provided by a reputable company in your area.

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