The Benefits of a Family Dentist

by Kevin Smith Author

Track Children's Development

A child should go see a dentist regularly the same as they would any other doctor. And a regular dentist may not have the training necessary to examine the smaller mouths and teeth of children. A family dentist in Fayetteville, GA, should know how to examine baby teeth and the effects they have on children, like chewing habits and speech development. Staying with one dentist will also help since they would already know any dental history.

More Flexible Hours

More traditional dentists may only be available during certain hours, but a family dentist will know that parents and children may need to work around more typical hours. Family dentists are more likely to be understanding of any school or work schedule. They should also be available for emergency hours outside of office hours. Younger patients would be more likely to have a situation that would have to be dealt with suddenly, so family dentists have to be prepared at all times.

Wide Range of Services

Since a family dentist is designed to be able to treat patients of all ages, they have services available for everyone. While a more traditional dentist may just offer a cleaning, family dentists will be able to perform more procedures. They will be able to help older patients that need dentures as well as younger students who need braces or retainers. There will be no need to go to a different office for every member of the family.

Develop Personal Relationships

With the entire family being able to go to the same dentist for such a long time, it’s easy to develop a more personal relationship. It’s much easier to go see the dentist when patients can feel like they have a good relationship with their dentist. Many people have a fear of the dentist, especially younger patients, but it’s harder to be afraid when the patient has a good relationship with the dentist. And parents would feel more comfortable if they have a good relationship with their child’s dentist.

Know Where to Go in Case of Emergency

Anyone could have a dental emergency at any time or age. Already having a family dentist in Fayetteville, GA, should be a big help. It will also be comforting to not have to worry about having to find a dentist on short notice. Anyone could chip or lose their teeth, so having a dentist that would be prepared to help anyone would be a big comfort.

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