The 7 mistakes to avoid when changing the windows in your home

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Are you thinking of changing the windows in your home? Do house renovations always give you headaches? You don't want to be wrong.

I help you review the mistakes you should avoid changing the windows in your home. For any kind of help visit

#1.- Installing late.

Posing a reform in the house is always a problem. We are looking forward to doing it but at the same time wanting it to end. We cannot be every year of reform and improvement in the house.

If your windows are old, they are not safe, they do not isolate from noise and because of them you lose heat in winter and they do not isolate from heat in summer it is time to change them. You also save good money on your monthly electricity bill.

But when to change them?

You can take advantage of any reform of the apartment such as changing the bathroom or kitchen or moving a partition. Any time is good if it is done with another reform.

If you only want to change the windows, always do it before painting or wallpapering the walls. Although the installation of the windows does not require a lot of time (4 windows can be removed and installed in a single day) if there are small flaws that must be plastered after putting the new ones that must then be painted.

2.- Choose the window only by price

As in all the price is not the only thing to take into account when choosing a PVC or aluminum window.

Before deciding to change the windows in your home, you should stop to think about what are the needs or deficiencies that we want our new PVC or aluminum windows to cover.

It would not be the same to install PVC windows in Granada or install PVC windows in Malaga or any coastal area, since the weather conditions are not the same in one place as in another. For example some PVC windows in Granada we seek to insulate us especially from the cold, since in Granada the winters are harsh. However, if the PVC windows are for Malaga, we will need them to insulate us from heat and cold, but also to have a solar filter that prevents the sun from hot inside the house.

3.- Not choosing the window glass correctly

Glass is the most important element of the window to insulate a house thermally.

There is no point choosing a good material for window profile as PVC but chose to turn a good vidri or or a type of glass according to the needs of our house.

It will be necessary to take into account the orientation of the house, the temperatures of the municipality where you have the house, where the isolated house is located or in a block of flats or the noises to which our house is subjected, anti-aggression security, etc.

4.- Not changing the drawers of the blinds

Changing the drawer of the blinds is, in my opinion, essential when you decide to change the windows in your house.

The blind drawer, unless we have double windows, it is the weakest point of any enclosure. Air, noise and cold enter us through a low-quality blind box, ruining the insulation of any window.

In old windows, a louver drawer is not insulated enough, since years ago almost nobody cared about the issue of having our house insulated efficiently and saving energy. Over the years, the closing gasket of the drawer will surely deteriorate through which air will enter and the cold and heat of the room will go away.

5.- Not taking into account the hidden costs of subsidies

The aim of the subsidies is to encourage us to reform or improve the state of our houses in order to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

But we must not forget that it generates costs that are sometimes not known and that is why I call them hidden. All subsidies are taxed in income tax and it is necessary to declare it when making our declaration.

6.- Preparing the home poorly for the installation process

It is a very common mistake among people who decide to reform their home.

In the case of changing the windows, it is true that there is not much work involved, but even so, dust is produced…. The installation of 4 windows can be done in one working day with specialized professionals.

7.- Buying the window without the installation included.

On many occasions when considering the reform of your home, masonry is hired on the one hand and, on the other, the materials that are needed for the reform such as PVC windows. In other words, buy the windows without installation included.

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