The 6 Most Effective SEO Techniques for 2019

by Lilian Chifley Writer

Search engine optimization is a buzzword in the online world. For a website to get greater attention, it needs careful and strategic SEO techniques. Correct application of SEO techniques is strongly linked to increased traffic on a site.

It also provides the opportunity for the website to gain prominence when keywords related to it are typed into a search engine.

If you don’t want your website on the dreaded ‘page two,’ here are some effective SEO techniques you need to know:

1. Make your website mobile friendly

You don’t need statistics to know that more content than ever before is being accessed on mobile phones and tablets. There are more smartphones in the world than there are laptops. You might have started your website before smartphones took the hold over the world of technology they have.

Your immediate priority is to optimize your website for mobile use. If you need convincing, consider this: Google just recently moved to an indexing process that prioritizes mobile first.

Voice search is a growing trend. Make sure you’ve taken it into account when designing your site. Streamline your website. Readers no longer favor chaotic, busy websites.

2. Have a clear set of website goals

Do some research and find out what your readers want from your website. Know your target audience and what will entice them to your site. Provide a way for users to give you feedback that will inform any changes you make.

Another smart move is to make it easy for your website visitors to share your content. Even better, share content from other pages and let them share yours. Google doesn’t index personal profiles, so having people sharing your content instead of pages is less effective.

3. Make sure you’re taken seriously

Link your content to external sites, especially sites that are regarded as authority websites. It shows your commitment to sharing authentic information. The external linking strategy is an effective way of creating veracity for yourself as someone deserving of a visitor’s attention.

Don’t go overboard. Too many links to the same types of sites make Google suspicious as they look contrived. Create links to a variety of sites like authority and news sites, blogs, forums, and directories.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that any link is a good link. Links susceptible to spamming do more harm than good.

Linking to high-quality content gains your site more recognition on Google. Links are regarded as a top factor in getting a favorable search rank. Make sure you use links that will build up your SEO rating instead of bringing it down.

4. The critical objective - get the right content out there

The holy grail of website content is text, images, and videos that speak to readers and search engines alike. It’s both art and science.

Simplified, we can say that SEO is about keywords that will get your site attention and higher ranking in search results. You need to walk the tightrope of readability for humans on one side, and visibility for search engines on the other.

You can use tools such as SEMrush to do an analysis of keywords your competitors are using. Ahrefs has a Keywords Explorer feature to research relevant keywords. Keep keywords inside your niche and get a reputation as an expert in a narrow field before expanding beyond it.

Crafting content that will generate traffic on the site isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why many people outsource their content writing to professionals. These writers have a keen understanding of how to use the art of writing to suit the science of search engines.

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Essay writing help and show it to be a valuable resource if you’re looking for well-crafted content and articles for your site. Experts recommend using the services of a professional to write fresh content and refresh or repurpose older content. The SEO world is continually evolving, and your content needs to keep up with it. Here are some other resources:

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5. Image is everything, and so is speed

In the digital age, written text has a place, but it cannot appear on its own. Visitors do not always start reading the content as soon as they get onto your website. They skim and scan first. If they don’t see what they want, they move on to another site.

We live in a visual age. Don’t ever discount the importance of photographs, videos, and infographics. Grab the reader’s attention with these resources to get them to slow down long enough to read your content.

Statistics indicate that readers are up to 80% more likely to read content accompanied by images and 60% more likely to retain the information. Customize the file name of an image with an SEO keyword to boost your online visibility. Your readers might not see the file name, but the search engine will.

One of the biggest challenges with incorporating images and videos into your site is the time they take to load. If your site speed is low, its SEO ranking is immediately affected. Compress the images so that they take up less physical space on the site and load faster.

6. Monitor and measure SEO performance

Don’t sit back and rest on your laurels when it comes to your website. Trends are constantly changing. Google may update its algorithm. Before you know it, what was relevant today is relevant no longer. You need regular reports and analysis regarding your use of SEO keywords and your search ranking.

There are several tools you can easily use to get analytics and keep your website visible online. Data Studio from Google gives you information about your ranking and website traffic.

Using this tool is an excellent way to detect symptoms of an SEO problem. Google Search Console gives you information about your rankings and any issues affecting it.

Another meaningful way of monitoring SEO is to sneak a peek at what your competitors are doing. Wayback Machine helps to you track what they’ve been up to on their websites to attract more attention. Such analysis gives you an indication of whether there’s cause for concern or not.

Final Words

You created a website to generate traffic, but that won’t happen on its own. A lot of strategic thinking and planning go into search engine optimizations, but the results will speak for themselves if you apply SEO techniques effectively. Follow the aforementioned techniques for your website SEO and you will a big surge in the rankings very soon.

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