The 5 ”Dos” in the Treatment of Hair Loss

by Samantha Gibbs Blogger

Available in the market today are many “cures” that assert hair loss treatment. Also, when it comes to hair care, the famous adage, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” should be remembered. 

How to start hair loss treatment? First, see to it that your hair and scalp are healthy to ensure the growth of new hair, for hair growth problems to be eradicated completely.

Cleansing and Everyday Shower

There are some people who advise you not to shower every day. In spite of that, it is a fact that showering every day is one good way of taking out the accumulated excessive sebum on the hair. Once accumulated, the hair shafts are blocked with dirt that causes hair loss. Furthermore, daily showering helps keep the scalp clean, thereby preventing hair loss.

A combination of shampoo and conditioner use is always great for dirt removal and for cleaning the scalp and roots. A lot of hair problems are caused by either inadequate circulation to the roots or from accumulated oil, dirt, or hair styling products.

Maintain a Protein-Friendly Diet

A protein called keratin is needed to keep hair healthy. To ensure hair protein nourishment, foods that contain keratin should be eaten, like eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, lean meat, etc. This is one way to prevent hair loss. Another way is to have a regular dose of cod liver oil, as this helps strengthen hair and hair growth.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to sleep well because as you sleep, your hair grows and strengthens itself. Do not take your sleep for granted. As much as possible, have at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Before you sleep, do some reflection; this helps to clear your mind, giving you restful sleep.

Styling Products Must Be Used at a Minimum

Nowadays, hair styling products flood the market – all claiming top achievements. Not all of their claims are a guarantee and their regular use may cause hair damage to some people.

Looking for the proper and natural treatment for hair loss? It is best to try and use only natural hair care products instead of those with high chemical content. One particular styling product may help one person, but it might prove a disaster for another since the strength of hair in each person differs.

Be extra careful and use styling products at just a minimum. Males should be more careful with hair styling products.

Scalp Massage

Regular scalp massage prevents hair loss as well and even promotes hair growth. The more scalp massage, the more hair growth and lesser hair loss.

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