The 5 Best Things For Positive Parenting in the Parenting Industry

by Bellus Family Helping New Parents Be Better Parents

The 5 things you need to do externally, for your children:

  javascript:nicTemp();1. Set up a positive environment:

You can’t be positive in a negative environment. Setting a positive environment for your kids involves curbing the fussing, complaining, and passing on negative – ‘You need to improve’ comments much frequently around them.

Notice and appreciate the good things about yourselves and your children. This will help you be more available to your kids, and help them feel more worthy. This will further also help you bond more positively with your children.

Encourage your children to do the things you want them to through daily conversations and with responses emphasizing what your child is good at, what they have done well, and what they should try next.

Express your love by offering a verbal compliment or a non-verbal one, a time, a thought, a material, a quality, a service, a touch, a hug, praise, a clue, a piece of knowledge, and or just anything that leaves them feeling loved and coming for more!

2. Be there for your kids:

As parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure our kids are happy. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to help your kids with their mental health. It is important to be there for your children by encouraging them on their own interests, hobbies, and friends.

Make sure to attend their PT Meetings consistently since they are little, their sports, big-game days, and everything that interests them. Take them out on weekends, surprise them on one of the weekdays, and of course on their birthdays and other celebrations.

Your presence as parents matters big time than your presents for your children.

Be present with your children at every step of their success as well as struggles. Show them their way out of issues, how to resolve problems, and most importantly how to get back up ten times stronger when they have fallen once.

 3. Keep your cool:

Kids in this generation are of course quite forward than the previous generation, and similarly, kids in the next generation are going to have twice the forwardness of this generation’s children. During these evolving times, one of the best tools of positive parenting is to keep your cool.

It is going to be tough to see your children do certain or most of the things you haven’t done at either an earlier age or a later stage. All you have got to do is keep your cool. Remind yourselves of the times that are changing and the technology being the reason for this fast-evolving pace of children.

For instance, your child might want to have a laptop of their own or a mobile phone at an age that is quite earlier than you got yours. Instead of getting all heated up and giving them a lecture about your history, it’d be better to explain to them the pros and cons of using an electronic gadget at an earlier age, making them understand using their mentality and understanding language.

 4. Stay involved with your kids:

Parenting is a difficult job, and our children do not make it easy. It takes a lot of time and patience to raise a child and most parents often find themselves wondering what are they even doing and if they’re doing the right thing. But we all know we need to stay involved with our kids and we cannot think of a better way to do this than to read with them.

Staying involved means doing things with them, for them, making mistakes and memories together. It is the little things that matter. These are the little things that are guaranteed to stay etched in your little ones’ hearts even when they grow way too old.

Start gardening with them, painting, reading books, taking them on adventurous dates such as dates to the museum, art exhibition, and so on. Ask them what interests them and squeeze some time to do that with them. And remember to keep in mind that it could be anything from cooking to watching a movie. Do not limit their choices. Keep their options as open as possible. This will only pave an easier road for your positive parenting.

 5. Be open-minded:

Opening up your mind to parenting ideas will give you a better understanding of your child and the various reasons for their behavior. Sometimes, we ignore the other reason for the behavior and instead focus on our own agenda.

Open-mindedness is key to positive parenting. Being open-minded can help you come up with other ways to fix your children’s behavior other than the one you originally thought of.

The 5 things you need to do internally, for yourselves:

1. Set Time Aside for Yourself:

Many parents in the process of parenting, completely forget themselves. You need to maintain your emotional, mental, as well as physical well-being positively too! You need to take a day off simply to sit and relax, catch up with some of your friends, go on a spa day, walk on a park and simply do something to feed yourselves. Your time is as equally important as positive parenting!

2. Share Responsibilities:

New parents, specifically, have a hard time coping with the new workload. Hence, get exhausted pretty quickly. It is important for couples to share responsibilities equally. If the mom takes care of cooking meals on a Sunday, the dad can take over the responsibilities of cooking on Monday, for example.

Sharing responsibilities with the kids is also an important part of positive parenting because it not only makes both the parentless tiring and gives each some time for themselves, but also gives the children equal bonding time with both their parents.

3. Focus on your child’s strengths:

Many parents worry much about their children’s future that they put too much pressure on something they are not good at. Sometimes those aren’t even related to their child’s strengths and interests, but simply something the parents find interesting. This is mentally bad for both, the parents as well their children. Once the children don’t excel in that certain something, the parents tend to get very upset and take it out on their kids.

This is something many parents around the world do. Something that leads to the mental trauma of many children. This also puts a barrier to their child’s positive development. Learn to observe and accept your children’s strengths. Most importantly focus on them and help your child focus on watering those areas that will help them succeed and reach heights in the future!

Children are creatures of the present. They do not care about your past mistakes or your future successes. They exist in the now. One of the most underrated methods of positive parenting is to provide your children with the opportunity to participate in activities. Research has found this to be important for children’s development.

4. Be Respectful:

Respect is earned. Not bought. Respect is a two-way streets game. Parents need to initially get into the habit of respecting themselves with their actions and hence, the children will follow in their footsteps.

Respect is not only about the way you speak to your children but wholly, the overall action of yours in terms of how you respect yourself enough to eat clean, sleep on time, drink enough water, use respectful words etcetera. These are actions your children are definitely going to catch from you and follow right from an age they begin to realize things happening around them!

5. It’s okay for your child to make mistakes:

It is absolutely okay for your children to make mistakes. You do not have to treat the mistake-making process like it’s a war or the end of the world! You need to encourage your children’s positive thinking through positive parenting by telling them that making mistakes is perfectly fine. Only with mistakes do they learn the best lessons of their lives.

Positive parenting, the process of raising a child to be a happy and well-adjusted individual, can seem harder than it is. Parenting is a difficult, ongoing process that has many obstacles and victories along the way. It is important that one does not feel discouraged when trying to be the best parent one can be. Parents should evaluate their parenting style on a regular basis and see how they can improve. Below are some of the most important aspects of positive parenting.

Time. Time with your child is valuable and should be something you never take for granted. Quality time is different than quantity time and does not refer to the amount of time spent with your child. Quality time is anything that is focused and deliberate; something you do on purpose instead of on the fly.

Why is Positive Parenting Important?

Parenting is an art and like any art, it takes skill and practice. For the past few decades, parenting has been associated with stress and anxiety and that can’t be healthy for any living thing. Luckily we’re in the era of positive parenting and we’re not going to take this responsibility lightly.


With the right guidance, children are capable of achieving almost anything. Positive parenting means being a caring, understanding, and supportive parent that helps them feel more confident. Positive parenting can have a profound impact on your child’s development. Positive parenting techniques are the best way to help them develop.

According to Psychology Today, positive parents are more likely to have children who are successful in school, have more self-esteem, are more compassionate, and are nicer.

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