Thai Krithigai - What Does the History Say?

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Krithigai is a star or constellation which is closely related to the birth of Muruga. When the star falls in the Tamil month of Thai, it is known as Thai Karthigai. It is believed that Lord Muruga was first born as six children, and Karthigai women take care of those children. When Lord Shiva got to know about it, he blessed the women to become a star and remain there forever. 


Karthigai happens once every month; however, Karthigai, which falls in July- Aug, and Jan- Feb, are given more significance. This is because these are considered the beginning of Uttarayana, which means the Sun’s movement toward the Northern hemisphere from the Southern hemisphere, considered auspicious in Hinduism. They also say that if someone dies during the Uttarayan, he surely attains salvation.


That is why when people worship Lord Muruga during Thai Karthigai, it blesses the devotees with the immense blessings of Lord Muruga. Muruga’s blessings make an individual courageous, confident in his approach and enhance his decision-making ability, which provides him prosperity in life. Lord Muruga is also known as Skanda, and Skanda Shasti is also dedicated to Muruga.


History of Thai Krithigai


Lord Muruga was created to eliminate the chaos happening in heaven. When no power was able to stop the demonic happenings and the demons, all Devas approached Shiva, who was in a deep meditative state. It is said that Lord Muruga was created from the third eye of Shiva when it threw six sparks.


These sparks were then carried by Agni and Vayu (element of fire and air). They then put these sparks into the lap of River Ganga, which combined the spark with the water element. Mother Ganga took these sparks to Lake Saravana, where the sparks lay on a lotus flower blossoming in the mud completing the fifth element Earth.


These six sparks then turned into six baby boys lying on the lotus. When these babies were found by Goddess Parvati, she turned them into one, and that is how Lord Muruga was born. That is why Muruga is represented by six heads; he is also the most handsome God in heaven.


When Lord Muruga was born, Karthigai Nakshatra was in the run. When Shiva got to know about his Son, he blessed all the Karthigai women to remain for eternity as a star. Shiva also told his devotees that whoever will worship Muruga on significant dates of Karthigai will achieve the fruit of his efforts and lead a harmonious life. Shiva told the devotees that worshipping Muruga will fulfill all their wishes.


Since then, Karthigai is celebrated as a significant festival, especially among the Tamilians. The worship of Lord Muruga dates back to the pre-Vedic era, where he was worshipped by even Gods and various sages.


How is Thai Krithigai celebrated?


In Tamil, people have enormous faith and devotion toward Lord Muruga; they say “Thai Piranthal Vazi Pirakkum,” which translates to “Thai month is the harbinger of prosperity.” Worshipping of Lord Muruga during the Thai month is considered to bring happiness, health, and wealth to a household. Performing Pujas and meditating on the name of Muruga removes all obstacles from a devotee’s life. People visit the Muruga’s temples and pray to God for the fruitification of their efforts.


Many devotees observe fast on the day, and they consume only fast-friendly food such as fruits and milk. Some devotees don’t take even a grain in their system and only consume food after breaking the fast. People also do padayatra or walk on their feet to the temples without any convenience. They perform special Yagyas and Pujas to seek Muruga’s grace in their life. People chant Muruga’s hymns, they listen to the devotional songs of Muruga, and blend their soul with the devotional environment of Thai Karthigai.




·         As Thai Karthigai is dedicated to Lord Muruga, observing fast, doing Pujas, or meditating on Muruga’s name is the way to sanctify life while living in this materialistic world.


·         Lord Muruga removes all the obstacles from one’s life and lets an individual savor the taste of success.


·         Muruga guards their devotees and protects them in every stage of life.

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