Techniques and Uses of Plaster of Paris in Construction

by Pooja Late so cut

When we talk about Plaster of Paris, the first thought of some people without knowledge of it in the construction industry thinks it’s that object that is being used for holding broken part of the leg or arm. Well for today we are focusing on Plaster of Paris in construction. It is a building material that comprises of a white coloured powder that is known as Calcium sulphate hemihydrates. There are various types of Plaster of Paris but most of them contains either cement, lime or gypsum.

Many cement manufacturers have venture into the production of Plaster of Paris. They use a combination of different components such as sand, water and cements. This is usually applied to building materials interiors and exterior to get a perfect surface. Plaster of Paris can be used in crating various designs, from border design, corner design to cement designs. Whatever design that is locking inside you, as long as it can be documented surely can see the light of day.

Sometimes people tend to overlook the importance of Plaster of Paris. What they seems to forget is that this Plaster of Paris is light and durable, giving it the ability of a low heat conductivity. This characteristics also makes it good for your home considering the issues of global warming. Plaster of Paris is also a very excellent fire resistant material and has no chemical reactions that can affect your health if you are health conscious. Many tend to run away from the use of Plaster of Paris because of how expansive it is when compared to cement. Another reason why people incline to avoid its use, is its solubility in water and can’t be used outside.

Uses of Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris are used in various fields and industries.

·         Architecture: Plaster of Paris are used in architecture in creating multifaceted specifying in room interiors. Such interior could be either linear or natural

·         Mortuary/funeral homes: Do you know that Plastic of Paris can be used to remould tissues that has been destroyed? Yes it can! This is what most funeral homes and morticians use in reconnecting the limbs of corpses that has disconnected from it source.

·         Protection: we talked about how it is a good fire resistant material. Yes, the end product of Plaster of Paris discharges water vapour when it is open to flame which helps in the stopping of the rapid spread of the fire. Look for the right cement manufacturer and use the best Plastic of Paris in securing your home against fire.


Author Bio: Mark Long discusses the tendency and growth in Cement Manufacturer, concrete and Plaster of Paris technology and discusses how cement companies such as JK super cement is using them to their advantage.

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