TAT Made Easy: 3 Tips to Clear SSB’s Thematic Apperception Test

by Rahul Sharma Writer
If you are preparing for Indian Air Force recruitment 2020 to join the AirForce as an officer, then be advised that SSB won’t be making it any easier for you. Among the many hurdles that candidates are made to face, TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) is where your overall performance could soar up or plunge. Conducted in phase 2, TAT is one of the 4 psychological tests that aim to cut open the layers candidates’  mindset of the. The other 3 are WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test), and Self Description (SD).

Here are 3 tips that will help you score high in SSB TAT round. But one thing you must bear in mind is, you should practice for TAT and other rounds of SSB on a daily basis while you wait for your CCS university result 2019.

Making these Observations in the First Few Seconds

In TAT, candidates are shown 11 pictures, each for about 30-40 seconds, and then asked to write a short story within 3-4 minutes. The images are so drawn, or printed, that they are ambiguous, hence open for interpretation. Before you start writing your story, make sure you identify these points from the pictures before skip to story writing. You should note the following things about the scene taking place in the picture:

  • Backdrop ( is it hospital, room, garden, ground, office, etc.)
  • Characters, along with their number, gender, attire, etc.
  • Mood of the scene and of the characters
  • Relation among the characters (needs to be devised for most of the pictures)

Stay Positive in Your Approach

Many of the pictures shown in the test are of negative shade. Like you might see a man lying dead on the road with public surrounding him, or an ambulance loading a person on a stretcher. Such images leave us with a negative or gloomy impression, and the first instinct is to write a story that simply narrates the whole incident. However, as said in the first point, all the images used for the TAT are ambiguous in nature, which means there is always more than one answer, and you have to write the one showing the whole scene in a positive light. So in case you are really given the first example, you can write that all the characters in the image are participating in a first-aid mock drill, and the person lying in the center is playing dead for demo.

Keep Things Practical

In the bid of keeping things positive, sometimes the writing of a candidate turns itself into creative writing, and the whole story transforms into a plot for graphic novel. Soon, the characters are too righteous, and actions of them are interpreted no short of action sequence. Try keeping your plot relatable to day-to-day life. Don’t waste time in coming up with an awesome plot. You are there to be tested for your psychology, not to be hired by MCU as the second assistant to the great comic book creator Stan Lee.

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