Surrogacy vs IVF – which one to choose

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Surrogacy and IVF are two treatments which have changed the life of many couples. Using any of these treatments, the couples can enjoy parenthood which is the biggest assets of one’s life. Today infertility can be treated in many ways and surrogacy and IVF are two of them. Depending on your health and other factors, the doctor may advise you whichever option is most suitable to them. Surrogacy is a little different from IVF but both need to be performed under the guidance of an experienced infertility specialist only. Higher the expertise of your doctor better will be the chances of success in your case.


Most of the couples when get tired of different treatments, they head towards IVF and surrogacy. But it becomes tough for them to decide between the two. Both are good in their own ways but the last decision is definitely of the couple. Getting in touch with your expert can be helpful as you can reach to some conclusion. If you too are one of the couples who are a bit confused in IVF and surrogacy then here is more information about the same.


Surrogacy vs IVF

As you already know that surrogacy is the process where the surrogate or the other woman will keep your baby in her womb. It is a bit complicated process wherein the sperms and the eggs of the intended parents can be used and in case if anyone one of them is unhealthy then donors can come to rescue. Gestational surrogacy is more common nowadays as it has no connection between the surrogate and the baby. Sperms and eggs of the parents are used and therefore the baby is theirs legally.  One needs to get into a legal contract for the same and abide by the conditions laid down in it. The medical care of the surrogate has to be handled by the couple themselves.


On the other hand you have IVF in which the sperms and eggs are allowed to fuse in a dish and then the embryo is transplanted into the mother’s uterus. There is no role of the other woman in this case. If a woman is healthy enough to keep the baby in her womb then there is no need of surrogacy but they can go for IVF. In this case too the couples can take the help of the donors both male and female depending on their internal health. If there are complications, the eggs and sperms of the couple can be used.


Both the processes are different but the end result is same. Choosing between the two of them is entirely dependent on the health condition of the couples and which one will be ideal for them. SCI IVF Hospital offers both IVF and surrogacy at one place. It is the top ivf in delhi ncr and the best surrogacy treatment centre too. So you can visit the centre for any of the treatments and receive the expertise of the best doctors.


Get in touch with your specialist doctor Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour and choose between surrogacy and IVF after seeking their advice.

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