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Why Surrogacy Could Be The Best Option For You?

There are many reasons to choose surrogacy and this option is available for most unfertile couples. Couples with multiple failed IVF attempts as well as women who have had premature ovarian failure could benefit from a surrogacy programme. Surrogacy can be combined with egg donation and sperm donation.

Although surrogacy was not an advertised matter in some countries and in some remote regions, it is still not accepted, the 'rent a womb' market in some countries is a $2.5 billion industry, which is gradually being accepted as even film stars and well known actors are turning to surrogacy.

Why use clinics abroad for surrogacy?

If you chose the right clinic abroad you will receive, the latest technology advancements, highest standard of drugs, young egg donors, and young surrogates. Surrogacy abroad is very cost effective, for example in some countries, such as the USA, the cost of surrogacy could go up to $88000.00. In other continents abroad it costs around $28000.00.

One embryo or more

In some countries, only one embryo is generally placed in the recipient's womb. In rare cases of many failed attempts two embryos are implanted. This ruling is governed by various regulating authorities in various countries. In clinics abroad up to four embryos can be implanted therefore increasing the chances of pregnancy by fourfold. There is currently no regulating authority on surrogacy or IVF practices in some places abroad, which is why it's vital to go to recommended and reputable clinics.

Reasons to choose surrogacy

Surrogacy is a more viable option for women who have had their wombs removed for medical reasons. Couples who have had multiple IVF attempt failures and unexplained infertility should also consider surrogacy. Surrogates chosen through trusted clinics are usually very healthy, young and committed. These surrogates have usually had their children, are married and settled. They chose to be a surrogate to help childless couples in return for money and the satisfaction they achieve by helping others. The surrogate is not allowed to have any genetic link to the child she is carrying, as this creates legal loopholes. At present in some countries abroad the surrogate signs a legally binding contract. The contract states that the surrogate is just renting her womb and has no rights over the child to be born.

What to watch out for

In some countries the surrogate is considered to be the mother of the child to be born, even though she is not genetically linked. The mother does not have to give the child to the commissioning parents.

During the process the clinics have to closely monitor the surrogate's and the child's health, hence the importance of choosing the right providers of service. Cheap is not always the best option. This does not mean the most expensive option is going to be the best. Do your research, go for word of mouth and be aware other peoples positive experiences.

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