Surrogacy in Greece: Benefits, Cost, Surrogacy laws and Related Aspects

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Surrogacy in Greece is another amazing alternative for couples and individuals seeking low-cost, yet ethical surrogacy options. Still, the biggest challenge here is to get a detailed know-how of the surrogacy laws and related regulations in the country.

That way, you can proceed with your surrogacy aspirations without falling into any legal hassles or obstacles. Now, one cannot be a surrogacy expert and one often has to deal with certain surrogacy professionals in this regard.

So, making the right choice while doing the required research is crucial for the intended parents. Well, in case you cannot read through all those lengthy blogs and articles online in the same regard, you can check through the following information regarding surrogacy for couples in Greece.

Why should you choose surrogacy in Greece?

To begin with, only altruistic surrogacy contracts are allowed, which means the surrogate mother will carry the kid without receiving any additional base income. Moreover, since 2002, Greek nationals have been allowed to get started with their surrogacy aspirations in the same manner.

However, in July 2014, the law was expanded to grant international nationals the same rights to become parents in Greece through a surrogate mother. Additionally, Greece is one of the nations that provide intended parents with legal protection in every aspect.

So, regardless of whether you are going for surrogacy for singles in Greece or else, you can do so without getting into any kind of legal complication or challenge.

Is surrogacy permitted for singles or gay couples in Greece?

Unfortunately, LGBT individuals, couples, and single men are not permitted to participate in Greece's surrogacy programs. Though there hasn't been much progress in making same-sex marriage legal in the nation, it is hoped that surrogacy rules would be much more flexible in the near future.

On the other side, surrogacy for couples in Greece is only permitted for heterosexual couples. On the other side, only single women can partake in surrogacy for singles in Greece. However, they will need to meet the following mentioned minimum requirements:

·         Intended mother cannot be more than 50 years old during a surrogacy program.

·         A medical letter from her physician in her own country will be required as additional documentation of her inability to become pregnant or give birth to children.

·         If the intended mother is unable to provide the eggs, donor eggs must be used during surrogacy in Greece.

·         If married, the spouse of the surrogate mother must consent to the surrogacy.

·         the intended parents are liable for any reasonable costs incurred by their surrogate mother up until the baby's birth.

·         Before the embryo transfer, the intended parents must obtain a judge's approval for the surrogacy process. In order to do this, they must provide the court with medical documentation of their infertility.

·         To be submitted to the court are particular documents. Be aware that it will take the Greek court about eight weeks to reach a conclusion.

So, being an intended parent, you must take care of all these things while going along with your surrogacy journey in Greece. On the other side, surrogacy in Greece is way more affordable than surrogacy programs in other European countries.

How much does surrogacy in Greece cost?

Surrogacy in Greece may cost you somewhere between $80000 and $100000. Moreover, this cost would include other expenses like surrogacy agency fees, the cost of IVF treatment, medicinal costs, and the cost of surrogate mother in Greece. On the other side, the cost of logistics and transportation may also be included in the same cost structure.

Always consult with a trusted and reputed surrogacy agency in Greece in order to get along with your surrogacy journey in the best manner possible. On the other side, conducting detailed research and analysis before getting started is highly recommended. 

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