Sun can be dangerous, do not ignore these early symptoms of skin cancer

by Atul Jaiswal Blogger

Unusual growth in the cells is called cancer of the skin.

These diseases can also be caused by genetic factors.

Irritation, itching and redness in the sun may be symptoms of skin irritation.

There are many changes in the body over time. It is normal for new cells to be formed when our old cells are damaged or destroyed. But sometimes the body does not need new cells, the cells continue to be divided. This unusual increase in skin cells is called skin cancer. The risk of skin cancer is higher in those organs that come in direct contact with the sun. Many people believe that skin cancer is most prone to white people, but this is wrong. In fact, skin can be cancerous to any person. Those who normally spend too much time in the sun, those who are wet on the skin in the sun or those who have excessive body mass may have a risk of skin cancer. Apart from this, it can be done to a person whose family has already had skin cancer, that is, this disease can also be caused by genetic factors.

Types of skin cancer

There are three types of skin cancer. The first is basal cell carcinoma. These types of cancer are affected by the cells of the lower layer of the skin. It usually does not spread in other parts of the body. The risk of its occurrence is most of the portion which remains open in the sun for a long time. The second is squamous cell carcinoma. This type of cancer occurs due to the effect of upper skin cells on the skin. It also spreads to other parts of the body, hence its timely treatment is necessary. Third, Melanoma This skin is the most frightening form of cancer. This affects the skin cells that give color to the skin. This is the fastest-spreading skin cancer and due to this, the skin looks very ugly, so immediate treatment is necessary.

Symptoms of skin cancer

Burning in the sun or irritation, itching and redness on the skin.

Flame redness on the skin around the forehead, cheeks, neck and eyes and there is plenty of irritation in it.

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A sudden change in skin around a berth mark such as a sesame or a scar, and flush or irritation in it.

Frequent excretion and spreading slowly can also be a symptom of skin cancer.

If the skin has spots for more than four weeks then it can also cause skin cancer.

It is important to contact the doctor if any of these symptoms are visible, because skin cancer increases due to the skin color and gradually spreading, this disease can make the whole body ugly.

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