Suggestions for Getting the Best Live Shot

by Kevin Smith Author

Decide How to Use the Shot

To maximize your live shots in NYC, decide what you want your shots to say. You want everything about your shots to align with what you have to say. If anything, let your live shot enhance your story, acting as a visual aid for viewers. When you hit the screen, let what viewers see reflect your words. Perhaps you want to decide what scenery is behind you, allowing viewers to see something that relates to your story. For politicians, you might want to consider having a professional background. A library with books and a photograph might suit your needs. If you are giving a news update, you might want to have a related image behind you. If you are doing a story about the life in New York, an image of Times Square could work as a background.

Use an Outline

Delivery is key to any live shot. In a perfect world, you would like to deliver your lines perfectly and without hesitation. Instead of having to memorize every line, consider using an outline. Outlines allow you to have more flexibility. If you make a mistake or get off track, you can get back on track faster. Try to think in terms of points you want to discuss. This will help your discussion stay centralized. When you are taking the live shot, try to talk about topics you have in place, ensuring that you focus on what parts matter to your story. For memorization, you might want to visualize images. Whenever you see a certain image, you will be able to remember the topic you were supposed to discuss. You might want to memorize one picture per topic.

Press Onward

Besides delivering your lines well and maintaining confidence, know how to recover when you falter. It is okay to make a mistake. Just get back on topic and focus on pressing forward. Forget any stumbles you take. Viewers want to see you succeed just as much as you do. If you need to, take in a deep breath and let go of your anxiety. If you forget what you were going to say, try thinking of something else you were going to say. Remember your outline. Once you remember what you were going to say, weave it into the conversation. An attentive audience wants to hear everything you have to say.

Move a Little

During your live shots in NYC, consider moving around. If the occasion is appropriate, move around. Of course, make sure that moving around helps you set the tone of your live shot. If you are doing a live shot at a fair or while observing the streets, that might be a good time to capture some motion on film. Show your audience the gravity of the present situation. Your audience loves seeing what you see, further illustrating your story. Moving in your live shot adds life and flavor. Maybe trace the sky as a shooting star dashes across the moon. Have some fun with your live shots.

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