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Some people complain of itchy earlobes after wearing earrings or a rash around the neck upon wearing a necklace, these are all signs of allergy to nickel. Experts at skin cancer hospital in Bihar consider it one of the most common skin allergies because nickel is used in jewelry, cell phones, coins, zippers, eyeglass frames, belt buckles, and keys.


Generally, the symptoms develop 12 to 48 hours after coming in contact with nickel. Experts at a hospital in Darbhanga, have noticed common complaints or symptoms including:

·         Itching,

·         Redness,

·         Rash,

·         Blisters that leave crusts and scales

·         Dry patches, and

·         swelling of the skin.

Untreated symptoms can make the skin appear darker, leathery, and cracked in the affected area that was in direct contact with the nickel. Experts have also witnessed serious cases where the rash has spread around the adjoining areas and sweating worsened the symptoms. It is best to consult a specialist before the rash gets filled with pus.



The best plastic surgeon in India, can easily diagnose this allergy by simply looking at the skin and asking a few questions. A dermatologist from the best hospital in Darbhanga can recommend a skin patch test which involves putting tiny amounts of nickel and other metal allergens on the upper back skin and covering them with patches for 48 hours. An allergic skin will show some reaction during that time. However, sometimes, the results may be inconclusive and other tests may be recommended. It is important to understand that nickel allergy is chronic and there are only ways that doctors can suggest to ease the symptoms, such as avoiding contact with objects that trigger allergy, a cream and antihistamine pills that are easily available at a drug store are some of the simple yet effective methods.

For severe symptoms, experts for plastic surgery in India, generally prescribe a steroid cream that works on the immune system.

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As a general precaution, one must avoid wearing ant metal in case of cracked or blistered skin and must consult a doctor to avoid getting an infection.

Some of the common ways to avoid nickel allergy include the following:


·         Use only sterile and stainless-steel instruments for piercing and tattoos to avoid bacterial infections.

·         Use jewelry made of certified stainless steel, silver, copper, platinum, and titanium or certain karats of yellow gold because white gold contains nickel.

·         Use eyeglass frames made up of titanium or plastic.

·         Choose intimate clothing carefully with buttons, snaps, rivets, or fasteners made up of plastic or plastic-coated metal.

·         Change the watchbands to the ones made up of leather, cloth, or plastic.

·         Many a times a daily wear jewelry item such as a wedding ring may cause a reaction. In such cases, you must visit a trusted jeweler and get the ring, or the piece of jewelry plated with a less-allergic metal, such as platinum.

·         Sometimes people who are extremely sensitive to nickel, are also advised to avoid nickel-rich foods such as mixed nuts and chocolate.

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