Stories and Myths That Surround the Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone

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Sapphire gemstones are one of the four beloved and highly precious gemstones along with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds(Panna Stone). All the sapphire gemstone is a precious variety of corundum minerals or aluminum oxide and the stone can be found in several colors, these sapphire gemstones are popular to contrary faith. While the blue sapphire or Neelam stone is the most prominent and well-known throughout the globe, the stone is also determined in a variety of colors like green, pink, yellow, purple, black, and white.

Origin of Sapphire Stone:

When it comes to the origins of sapphire stone there is no exact date to pinpoint when the sapphire gemstones were firstly discovered or where. But you can see the appearance of the sapphire stone in different regions of the world. Even the name “sapphire” was practiced adversely. In early Greece for instance, sapphire gemstones were called sapheiros or “blue colored gem”. In Hebrew, this sapphire gem was called sappire or “the most brilliant thing”. Many polyglots also think that sapphire gemstone comes from the Sanskrit term Santi Priya meaning “beloved to Saturn”. The reason behind the name of the stone is the belief that the gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn. Most utmost of the sapphire's myths and legends rotate around the blue sapphire or Neelam stone.

Common Myths Around Sapphire:

While sapphire gemstone is considered one of the most exquisite stones of the world, there are a number of myths encompassing the stone. Here we have mentioned some common myths about sapphire stones.

Sapphires are Only Blue

As we discussed before, the blue sapphire gemstone, which is often called Neelam stone, is the most popular, but it is not the only color variety of sapphire stone. The reason behind the color variations of sapphire stone is the presence of micro-impurities. For example, the blue sapphire gemstone includes traces of iron and titanium. Purple sapphire is also a precious variety of Sapphire stone and the color of the stone is because of vanadium. The yellow color of the Pukhraj stone(Yellow Sapphire) is because the stone contains iron, and sometimes green sapphires happen due to some variation in thickness or density.

Turns a Person’s Fortune

In the middle eternities, people supposed that sapphire gemstone guards them against crime and fraud, as well as disease, fever, skin diseases, etc. In some religions, sapphire gemstones are still thought to lead to bad luck.

Sapphires are Naturally Blue

When it comes to heating colorless and extremely light blue sapphires to a raised temperature, it will give them an exceptional blue color. This heat treatment also helps to improve the clarity of the stone by eliminating minute impurities from the stone.

Sapphire gemstones are not Enduring

Sapphire Gemstones are considered among the most durable gemstone compared to all other types of the gemstone. Precious stones are judged on their strength to resist marks. The hardness of the stone is judged based on a system called the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Sapphire stones score 9 out of 10 on this scale. Diamonds are the only naturally occurring highly precious element that has the ability to scratch a sapphire stone. The durability of the sapphire stone gives it a typical choice for engagement rings and ordinary jewelry.

Sapphires Bring Bad Luck

It is supposed that sapphire gemstone is a sign of Lord Shani/Saturn. Thus, the association of the stone with the planet Saturn gives an important and amazing place in Vedic astrology. The effect of the stone depends on the placement of Saturn in the birth chart of the wearer. If the gemstone doesn’t suit the person or if the Saturn is placed weaker in a person's horoscope then it is thought to deliver them tremendous bad luck. However, many stars including Kate Middleton sport the gem. In fact, sapphire stones were often used by medieval kings, who thought that the gemstones would work as a shield against their enemies. The stone is also believed to protect the evil or ill effects of malefic placed Saturn planet. To attain relief from the bad impacts of the planet, Sapphire gemstone is worn as per Indian astrology. 

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