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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been part of call center operations for a long time. But it is only in the past few years that we have seen it rise in value, so much so, that it has become indispensable. The main reason for the rise in IVR’s significance can be attributed to the various advancements that have taken place in this field. Self-help features and better voice recognition have enabled IVRs to automate query resolution for basic issues. Also, the one area where IVR truly shines is in making the experience more personalized for the customers. In case, you are not aware about how to do that, then look for IVR outsourcing services.

Ensure Best IVR Implementation with IVR Outsourcing Services

A quality IVR system can become a major force to reckon with, if you can find the right one for your organization. But all the hassle with regards to IVR acquisition and other software solutions for your call center operation can be minimized if you select IVR outsourcing services from a dedicated ITES company. Some advantages of outsourcing for Interactive Voice Response system are:

Personalize IVR messages

An IVR that can be used for communicating personalized IVR messages can work wonders for your call center operation. For example, the greetings can be made more personalized by including caller’s name.

Self-service option integrated

Basic customer queries are easy to solve but they still take a lot of time of your call answering agents. But with an AI-powered IVR system, it becomes possible to integrate concise solutions for fundamental queries e.g. if a customer wants to know about bill details of his telecom services plans or its breakdown, then IVR can fetch the desired information from the system and communicate it to the callers.

 Information collection for data mining activities

When an agent is tasked with collecting information from the customers, it can become a time-consuming chore that adds up to the AHT and increases customer wait time in queue. This task can be easily offloaded to the IVR system that can automatically ask information after the call completes. Even if the customer is short on time or in a bad mood and vents out in front of the IVR, it won’t have a demotivating effect on the call-taking agents. Such information collecting ventures have been extremely successful and served the interests of many organizations in the past.

Better voice recognition enables IVR to take critical customer details

There are some pieces of personal information that you would not want to be revealed on the call to a real-life person. Mostly, you would want the security of customers’ bank account or personal information to remain a secret. In such situations, Interactive Voice Response management system can become a worthy ally and help your organization stay compliant with stringent security regulations.

Cut down on call volume

As a quality IVR system cuts down on misrouting of calls, the call volume of your call center reduces. It is often seen that erroneous call transfers not only waste customers’ time, but they also enrage customers and lower the CSAT score of the entire call center.

Reduces operational cost in the long run

With IVR outsourcing services, you only have to make a small capital investment in the beginning. But once you have the IVR solution that is matched perfectly to your requirements, then over a long run, you eventually reduce the operational expense.

Vcare is one of the most recognized and prominent ITES companies in the world. It has great experience in developing call center and telecom software solutions including Interactive Voice Response system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

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