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Can you possibly think for a moment about what life would be like without the ability to have sex or to have pleasurable sex? For a lucky majority of us, this is not an issue that we have to devote too much of our time too, but for a great deal of others, this is the biggest battle in their life. Just like with most of the aspects of being human and mortal, nothing is guaranteed and that includes our ability to have sex.

Of course, having sex ideally should not be that much of an issue but sadly, it always has been and it will continue to be one for people for as long as we are around and for as long as permanent cures are still undiscovered. Luckily, while sexual disorders cannot yet be cured on a permanent basis, they can now be easily treated with the help of great medicines such as Cialis tablets which are designed for male use.

At this point in time, almost 2 decades into the 21st century, it does seem strange that there are not any permanent cures yet for sexual disorders considering that we, as a species, have been aware of them for a long time now – since the earliest medical records from civilizations such as ancient Egypt and China show us. It must be taken into account that the first oral form of treatment for ED was created recently.

It was only in 1995 that a faction of chemists who were working for the pharmaceutical corporation who are known as Pfizer discovered the ingredient that would revolutionize the way sexual disorders were both understood and treated. The British team of scientists were hard at work trying to discover a way to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a disorder that affects the blood pressure in the lungs.

PAH is a very common disorder in elderly people and causes them to have very high blood pressure in both their lungs and the right side of their hearts which can lead to a very quick demise when not dealt with properly. Finally, the team of chemists found a compound that they decided to call UK-92480. It is this chemical that would lead them to be the founders of the first successful treatment for ED in men.

Erectile dysfunction or ED, much like PAH, is brought on by constricted blood vessels that lead to high blood pressure with nowhere for the blood to flow. While unlike PAH, ED is not fatal, it can be a sign of your bodies general state of health meaning that you likely have high blood pressure in general. This is not always the case, however, but the fact that these disorders form for the same reason meant a lot.

It meant that, unknowingly, this team of chemists were on the precipice of bringing to the world the first treatment for ED, a disorder that leaves men incapable of producing erections that are sufficient to be able to please others or themselves with due to a lack of blood supply to the penis. They started the trial run for UK-92480 on mainly elderly patients as PAH is a condition brought on by age and were shocked.

They were shocked and elated as the trial started going on because beyond this new compound being a successful treatment for PAH, many of the men who were part of the trial team and affected by PAH begun to share with the chemists a side effect of the medicine that was helping treat the symptoms of their PAH. While side effects are generally not good, this one was not only good, it was life changing.

The side effect that these men spoke of to the doctors conducting the trial run was in their new penile responses. For most of these men, due to high blood pressure, they had also been suffering from ED for years, but when they started taking UK-92480, they began to obtain solid erections with ease. For most of them, it was the first time in many years that they had been able to get a proper erection effortlessly.

The scientists and Pfizer knew immediately that they had stumbled upon medical gold and decided to rechristen this miracle ingredient as sildenafil citrate. After a mere two years of trials, the medicine was the first approved oral treatment for ED by the FDA and became an overnight success and the highest grossing medication ever made. This medicine was known as Viagra and is now a household name.

Since the advent of Viagra, other medicines of its class known as PDE-5 inhibiting medications have been designed and are even more successful at treating the symptoms of ED then Viagra and sildenafil citrate are. More and more men are battling against ED each and every year and it is important that they are able to get the treatments that they need in order to have fulfilling and satisfying sex lives at all times.

You can now go online and buy the medicine that you need from any of the many leading internet based pharmacies who run round the clock.

Using Medicines from a Sex Therapists Perspective

Sexual disorders are becoming increasingly common and there are scores of men all around the world who have ED. Many of these men are unaware of the medicines that they can buy to get relief and if they are aware of them, they are dubious about them. To clear the air, we spoke to renowned sex therapist, Sandra Lennox, about sex medications for sexual disorders.

She said, “Many men who have disorders like ED feel too ashamed to get past step 1 – admitting that they have it. Once they are able to do this then step 2 can follow: acceptance. After step 1 and 2, it is of my opinion that these men not only open themselves up to the idea of using treatments to assist them, but embrace these treatments with open arms and consider themselves lucky to be alive these days.

In the past, men with ED could do nothing about their disorder which meant the end of their sex lives, but now men can not only buy the best medicines that truly work, but they can do so on the internet which makes it all the more convenient, affordable and anonymous.”

The Benevolence Bitcoin will Bring You

For anyone that has already shopped for anything on the internet before, you will already know how great e-commerce is and how much it has changed the traditional outlook on shopping for things. Now that Bitcoin has been added to the mix, shopping online is incomparable and is fast becoming the more used method worldwide.

The use of digital currencies is encouraged by savviest internet businesses and when it comes to buying your medicines from the leading internet pharmacies, using Bitcoin will net you great rewards on every purchase you make.

Make ED Go Away with Tadalafil in the UK

At our distinguished online pharmacy, we have garnered a well-deserved reputation for supplying the best generic medicines such as Cialis tablets to citizens from all over the UK and EU.

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