Stop and Regrow: How Dr. Nettles Discovered the ‘Cure’ For Baldness?

by Bianca Rodriguez Content Creator

A /cure/ is the end of a medical condition that helps end a person's sufferings. Dr. Nettles’ Stop and Regrow cures hair loss by correcting the underlying molecular deficiencies. 

What started as a quest to solve a riddle in the mind of a curious boy from a small mining town, home of 12,000, in Cottondale, Alabama, now helps countless men on six continents stop hair loss and actually regrow their own hair. Dr. Nettles made a men's hair regrowth program that is 100% fruitful with NO surgery, NO fancy shampoo gimmicks, NO laser light helmets, and NO gummy bear chewies. 

Yet, it is difficult for individuals to accept that Stop and Regrow at long last have a remedy for going bald and that it is currently discretionary to lose or keep your hair.

So how exactly Dr. Nettles made it happen? We thought to ask the incredible mastermind directly.

Besides being a polymath filled with a desire to search for better ways to do things, Dr. Nettles has clinical experience and expertise across numerous fields. He is a Medical Doctor; he also served as the Hair Transplant Surgeon and has worked in Dermatology, as a Clinical Research Scientist, and in Ophthalmology. He has also studied Genetics, Endocrinology, Botany, and Biochemistry; in addition to this, Dr. Nettles has a Master's in Human Behavior just to finish off the rundown.

Individuals must realize that while dermatologists know a great deal about skin and hair, they don't know as much about the hereditary qualities, biochemistry, and hormones that are major contributors to balding. In the interim, the endocrinologists who think about those things don't think about skin and hair. This explains why the vast study background of Dr. Nettles made him exceptionally a pro to come with special treatment.

Much the same as all the incredible clinical discoveries ever, some portion of Dr. Nettles program was likewise found as a side effect of a totally different treatment. While working in Ophthalmology performing ocular retinal surgery to hone his precise surgical skills for FUE transplants, dR nettles explain, "I saw a compound used to treat Glaucoma had the side effect of developing eyelashes longer and thicker over the course of the lash life cycle, 45 days." "AHA!, at that point, I began studying the molecules to discover the one which would viably develop hair thick and strong," he reveals.

However, any ingredient which just develops hair, regardless of how effectively, won't work successfully in the long haul except if you additionally stop all the elements causing your hair loss. Therefore, to later pinpoint the precise underlying factors, such as genetic and nutritional deficiencies contributing to baldness, dR nettles developed the Biochemical Report Card (www.BiochemicalReportCard.com, which uses x-rays (1000X smaller than wavelengths of light) to measure the PRECISE levels of each molecule inside our blood. With the BRC, an accurate diagnosis can be made, resulting in curing the underlying cause, thus *"removing the condition from our life" once and for all. 

Just in light of the fact that Dr. Nettles is the Founder and CEO of Stop and Regrow, do not think he accomplishes all the work all alone. Dr. Nettles has amassed a specialist team of physicians, compounding pharmacists, researchers, nutritionists, stress management experts, and others to help with the research work needed to make and deliver his program to you. However, what truly makes this program effective is its personalization aspect. Truly all of us are different in stature and weight. However, every one of our internal biochemistry is likewise distinct, similar to our diet and lifestyle. Additionally, numerous various variables add to balding. Every individual can have various mixes of elements causing theirs. Dr. Nettles has found that every individual's treatment program and dosing of any supplement included should likewise be distinctive to be viable, that adds up to the credibility of his program. This further makes a treatment program that works impossible to mass manufacture at scale. There is subsequently no monetary impetus for huge pharma to build up this solution.

In conclusion, Dr. Nettles's greatest motivation is that it was going on to him. He had all the incentive on the planet to study and research and trial various solutions, first on himself and afterward on his transplant patients until he had the option to consummate his treatment regime.

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