Staying Close to Source

by Jimmy S. Consultant
Life can be handled. The fear we go through life with is so real and sometimes reasonable, but life can be handled. There's not many ways to beat around the fact that we're alive. Sure we can numb the pain of existence with stimulants and intoxicants, and unless our night ends in overdosage, we exist the next day. On and on and on and on. How do we come to live with ourselves?

I'm coming to live with myself. Do I fear and stress sometimes? All the time. It's strange as it comes in waves, not everyday is perfect and not every day is fear-ridden. Everyday is a roller coaster these days. I'm up and then I'm down. You can break your life up into chapters and see the pattern there as well. I don't wish to make it clear that yes, of course life is filled with ups and downs, as how cliche that would be. I stray from the topic. Source.

Ups and downs always, but they are always relatively to a set point of existence. Let me explain. The man who lives in constant fear has a set point around fear. He will have moments of intense fear and moments of little fear which is like bliss to him, but he's fearful nonetheless. If he never makes a change from the original set point he has created for himself, which many people can never do as they do not even realize that something is dramatically wrong, then he will be stuck forever. 

Recognize. In order to make a change of your current set-point, you need to recognize the chance for a greater reality. The man who lives close to god, has a low that is much better than the previous man's. Why? His set-point is much higher. He lives in a natural state of harmony and unity with the divine. Life can be handled with the comparison of a pyramid. This is not an original idea, but definitely one of my favorites and I absolutely have no clue where I heard it from.

The pyramid. At the top you have god, source, whatever you wish to call the higher force, and under that you have everything else you need to live; family, friends, finances, food, clothing, shelter. The idea is that if you can take care of the top of the pyramid, god, then it will trickle down and take care of the rest of your needs. You will no longer need to stress about the rest if you can take care of your relationship with god and be present with the moments life ahs presented you with.
The glory of a life well lived. I seek it.

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