Starting Your Car Mechanic Business

by Emma L. Business consultant

Starting a business in a car mechanic industry is not just lucrative but also smart from the standpoint of longevity. Certain services may be hot at the moment, yet, they might, under the influence of the developing technology, become obsolete in the nearest future, nonetheless, the same could not be said about the car mechanic business. Still, starting off a new business is never a simple thing, regardless of the niche. Here are several things to keep in mind.

Picking a location

The first thing you have to do is pick a suitable location for your business and in order to do so you need to survey the neighborhood. First of all, most people want mechanics who are nearby, which is why you need to look for residential areas instead of industrial ones.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that in some countries it’s illegal to run a mechanical work on your driveway, which is why you need an optimized space. On the other hand, under some conditions, you might just need to look for a special permission. For instance, if people working there aren’t the residents of the home, the business causes too much of a disturbance, or if there are some alterations to the exterior of the shop, that might affect the image of the neighborhood.

Companies set in industrial areas probably already have this outsourced to a partner, which is why your proximity to their headquarters won’t make a difference. As for the exact residential area, you also need to look for one without much competition. There’s only so much work that a single mechanic can accept, which is why the sole workload may drive many customers your way.

Consider buying a franchise

Another thing worth taking into consideration is the reputation. Sure, a person who fixes their car at your place once and who is satisfied with the work you’ve done might come back again or even recommend you to others. Nevertheless, during the early stages of your business, this will make a really slow progress in your favor. Instead, why not look if an already established franchise is offering a mechanic business for sale and consider making an investment. This immediate reputation boost might be game-breaking, yet, you need to meet some requirements first. Think about it, no reputable business will compromise their image by getting associated with just about anyone.

Prepare your headquarters

Once you lease or purchase the place where you intend to work, you need to optimize it so that it allows you to work. At very least, you need some specialized mechanic tools, a diagnostic machine (for the vehicle’s electronics) and a car lift. Keep in mind that each of these is an investment for the long-run, which is why it’s preferable to buy quality from the start. After all, it’s not like you can skim money on your first car lift, believing that you’ll purchase a new one in a year or two. A proper set of tools can last you for more than a decade. When stretched out to this time-period, no investment may seem too big.

Start hiring people

As for the size of your staff, there’s really no general rule. While some guides suggest four to six employees as a start, you can start out on your own or take on a single apprentice. The reason why having several employees is still considered optimal is the fact that this is the number of people who can work under a car lift at the same time. In this way, you can maximize the speed at which you can deal with a single vehicle, earning a reputation as an expedient and functional business. Keep in mind, however, that this may include more paychecks than you can afford.


What matters the most is the scale of your ambition, seeing as how every single one of the above-listed factors can be scaled up or down. So, if there’s one piece of advice that you should listen to it’s this – know where you want your business to be in 5 years’ time. This will make it much easier for you to work towards the set goal.

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