Sports Injuries and Treatment with Physiotherapy

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A sportsman practices day and night lives a life of discipline and participates in various tournaments with an aim that one day he will become a world-class player and internationally recognized. But during practice and tournaments, it is normal to get injured or a ligament getting pulled that can lead to excruciating pain and can even put a halt on the career if proper attention is not given. Nowadays, every team has their in-house medical team and physiotherapist who can give immediate medical attention to the injured athlete and prevent serious damage. But what are the major sports injuries and physiotherapy treatments that can help an athlete?

Major Sports Injuries and Physiotherapy Treatments

Ø   Epicondylitis: It is also known as tennis elbow that happens when the athlete repeated used the same arm or elbow while playing. This leads to pressure on the elbow and tearing of the tissue which leads to excruciating pain. Firstly, a player suffering from tennis elbow should avoid playing till the time pain subsides and opt for ice and heat therapy as the preventive measure. For long-term benefits, he should visit a physiotherapist who will suggest a stretching exercise that can be done at home.

Ø   Knee Injury: Often athletes complain that they heard a sudden popping sound and later they had bad knee pain, then some players suffer from the damage of tissue leading to kneecap removal and some complaint about pain during movement. So there are various types of knee injuries that may happen due to wear and tear of tissues and muscles, a direct attack on the knee or accident. The knee is a very sensitive joint and rather than doing self-healing it is advisable to visit a therapist.

Ø   Groin Pull: Mostly the soccer players, football or hockey players complain about pain in the groin area. This happens when the players suddenly change direction or have a lot of side motions which cuts the inner tissue of the groin or strains it. It can be cured by resting and using compression pads to relieve the pain. But when the player tends to return back to his game, it is advisable to start stretching and plan the regimen according to the physiotherapist so that this problem does not happen again.

Ø  Hamstring Strain: Sudden pain on the back of the thighs results due to over stretching of the hamstring muscles. It is a combination of three muscles that get strained due to over-stretching while kicking or running or working out legs in the gym. When this happens, rest is the main therapy till the pain mitigates and along with one can gently massage the area or apply ice and heat pads to regulate the blood circulation, reduce swelling and numbness.

Ø     Ankle Sprain: Also known as ligament rupture is a common sports injury that occurs when the players over pressurise the ankles or while playing suddenly the foot turns inwards. This leads to tearing of ligament which can be cured with gentle massage, hydrotherapy and rest. It is advisable that players should not play or put pressure on the ankle till the time ligament is repaired to avoid further damage.

To conclude, sports injuries are common in the field but one should not ignore the pain as it can ruin the career. So, if you are looking for a physiotherapist then checkout comprehensive list of therapists available at Physios Near Me and book your appointment for healthy and fit life now.

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