Spinel Gemstone: Color and Healing properties of the Stone

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What Is Spinel Gemstone?

The spinel gemstone is a variety of red gemstone that is often confused with the ruby gemstone due to its attractive red color. Both ruby and sapphire gemstones appear from the same gemstone mineral family. The story about spinel gemstone continues that different kinds of crown ornaments were inadvertently implemented with only spinel stone by hapless jewel makers, sometimes they believe that it's a ruby gemstone. Alternatively, they have used spinel instead of using ruby gemstone.

Spinel is considered the naturally occurring gemstone in the equivalent range of reds and blues as these stones are having more valuable counterparts. The stone has a color similarity with the ruby gemstone and hence the stone is recognized as the substitute for the ruby gemstone. When it comes to origins and finding a Spinel gemstone then it is also produced in the same regions and states as the sapphire gemstone are developed. It’s no little surprise that they look alike.

There is a confusion between sapphires and spinels that originated about some two thousand years ago. In the past, gem traders relied heavily on local knowledge and what they knew about gems. The ruby gemstone is one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones on the earth. Hence, the stone is associated with the powerful planet Sun. Those who can't afford ruby then they can go for a red spinel gemstone.

What Color Is Spinel, and What is its Association with Ruby?

Spinel gemstone is often called the gemstone impostor due to its marvelous appearance. The bright and rich hue of spinel gemstone also drives people (even an individual who are trained to spot minerals) to say that the stone can be a sapphire (if it’s blue colored) or a ruby (if it is red-colored).

In conclusion, various jewelry collections throughout the globe have spinel combined with genuine ruby gemstone. It's the result of uncertainty about the chemical compositions of these two minerals.

The most well-known case of spinel stone deceiving everyone is “The Black Prince’s Ruby.” The ‘ruby’ is related to the royalty of the Moors in the fourteenth century. Eventually, the ruby made its way into the Imperial State Crown collection. 

Before a French expert, it took many years, a mineralogist by the name of Jean-Baptiste Louis Rome de l’Isle, built an analysis that made it feasible for an individual to find if a gemstone was admittedly a ruby or a spinel. There is also the Mohs scale of hardness, which also described in broad cuffs how difficult it was for ruby stone and spinel stone to signify the same type of crystal. Ruby gemstone has a hardness of nine, while when it comes to the durability of a spinel stone then it ranges from 7.5-8. 

The secondary case of confused identity is the “Timur Ruby”. This extensive stone weighs 352.5 carats. Similar to “The Black Prince’s Ruby,” the Timur Ruby is also a rich red spinel gemstone.

Spinel gemstone is promptly being practiced because of its unique qualities and color, and not because it seems like a ruby gemstone.

What Are Spinel Healing Properties?

Spinel gemstone has the ability to improve all features of a person, from his subconscious state to his emotional state. This amazing stone can also yield distinct religious provisions to enhance a person’s life in general. On the basic level, spinel gemstone can help to bring out rejuvenating abilities that will lengthen a person’s life. The mystical stone can also assist you to become more appealing in the process. The other benefits of spinel stone include:


Spinel stone is recognized as a naturally revitalizing stone. It is believed that the stone can help bring out the uniqueness in you and can enhance the positive spirit levels in distinct phases of your life. These features make a spinel stone an ideal stone for workaholic people.

Bring hope

This spinel gem can aid to bring hope and confidence to the life of the native. Hope is a persuasive bringer of change in one’s life. Though, when you lose perception of faith, you will be notified immediately that it will be challenging to pursue your desires and manifest your aspirations.

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