Specialist Therapy for Autistic Children in Philadelphia

by Connect Plus Autism Specialist Philadelphia

Connect Plus is a team of specialist providing Applied Behavior Analysis Philadelphia. The aim of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is to develop useful behavioral traits in autistic children and decrease those behavioral traits which are harmful. The ABA therapy serves to improve the communication skills and language of the child, improves attention, enhances memory and focus and benefits social skills and academic performance. Problematic behaviors are also eliminated which enable the autistic child to become a part of the society without any danger.

How does it work?

Autism Specialist in Philadelphia of Connect Plus is well versed in ABA therapy and adopts a planned approach to help the autistic child. Early Start Denver Model is first used to improve communication and other skills that are impaired due to autism. To make learning difficult skills easier, discrete trial teaching method is adopted. Thereafter, natural environment teaching is used for generalizing the skills of the autistic child. In order to teach expressive communication to the child, verbal behavior therapy using BF Skinner’s comprehensive view of language development is adopted. Pivotal response treatment is used to support parents and treat the lack of social skills.

Features of the therapy

ABA Therapy provided by Connect Plus is adapted to meet the unique needs of the autistic child. Treatment plan for each child is different. This is what is known as person centred approach. The therapist takes into consideration the personal traits and motivation of the child and also works with the family to decide on the course of treatment. The dreams that the parents and family members have for the future of the child are the ultimate aims of the therapist.

ABA Therapy is provided at any location referred to as environments by the specialists. The environment can be anything such as home, school, place of worship, dinner table, library, park, etc. One-to-one teaching with the child or group teaching sessions is undertaken by the specialists of Connect Plus Therapy.

Skills that are useful in everyday life are imparted to the autistic children to enable them to lead a normal life.

Benefits of the therapy

Communication and language skills are improved by the therapy which enables the autistic children to communicate with other children, parents and others without any problem.

Social skills are imparted which makes it possible for the autistic child to blend in well with the society and prevents isolation.

Self care skills such as toilet training, showering and feeding are improved to enhance the quality of life of the child suffering from autism. Sleep training also benefits the overall health of the child.

Motor skills are improved so that the child is able to undertake physical activities and is also able to play like normal children.

Learning and academic skills are enhanced so that the child is able to study properly as per his/her limitations.


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