Some Scams over Telephones and Ways to Detect Them

by Reuben Infotech Reuben Infotech

At some point of time, all have received scam calls which are mainly fraudulent calls made with the intention of extracting sensitive information regarding a person’s financial details. The scammers employ different techniques to earn the trust of the customer and obtain certain data. At times, they act over friendly and helpful. On other occasions, they threaten or scare the customer - if the information is not shared. These scammers take advantage of unsuspecting, gullible people who have little awareness about such corrupt practises. Sometimes, people lose their live savings over a single call. There are some services provided by providers like Scam who keeps away from such practices and would like you to know how to recognise calls that can be scams.

So the question is: how to recognise scam calls?

  • Loan scams are the most common type of scams followed by business-related or investment scams. Targeting those people with poor credit history, scammers offer loans for an advance fee. Legitimate lenders won’t offer such loans to people having bad credit or those facing bankruptcy.

  • Calls which claim that the customer has won a “lottery” or a “grand prize” with attractive gifts, should be avoided as they are most likely scam calls.

  • A genuine call from a bank won’t ask you to divulge details such as your banking password or ATM pin. If the caller insists on similar information, rest assured he’s a scammer.

  • If the caller proposes a scheme and wants instant, on-the-spot confirmation, it is a scam call.

  • Scammers may pretend to be representatives of some famous government agencies in order to convince the customer into giving out details. An authentic government agent won’t ask for sensitive information over the phone.

  • Charity scams are meant for exploiting a person’s goodness to convince him to donate to a particular charitable trust or NGO that the scammer claims to represent. Instead to donating immediately, a person should check out the details of the NGO and contact them for verification.

Things to keep in mind:

  • In case you doubt the authenticity of the caller, don’t entertain him with over-the-phone authentication. Ask him some basic questions that can be referred to while following up the issue. Make note of the following points:

  • Name of the organization

  • Name and employee id of the caller

  • Issue/offer the caller wants to discuss

  • Reference id of the call

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