Some Precautions Need To Be Taken Before Liver Transplantation in India

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If someone is suffering from chronic liver diseases then transplantation of the diseased or damaged liver belongs to the last stage of the treatment. Liver or hepatic transplantation is the medical process in which the affected liver is tactically transferred with healthy one. The healthy liver is taken from the donor who must be a healthy person with no disease. Some medical tests are done to check whether the donor’s liver can be fitted to the diseased person’s body or not. If the test results are positive then the transplantation is done through orthotropic process under the supervision of efficient best Liver Transplant Surgery Specialist in India.

When transplantation is the last option?

If someone is suffering from long term chronic disease and his/her liver has been affected for long years then liver transplantation will the potential treatment for him/her. There are various diseases like metastatic cancer in liver and other active acute infections. If any diseased person is on the verge of chronic liver failure then liver transplantation is the last treatment option for him/her.

How the liver is transplanted?

Before taking decision of transplantation an efficient medical team thoroughly check up the diseased live and body to confirm whether the patient is capable of taking the liver transplantation positively or not. If all the necessary tests and diagnosis show green signal then best Liver Transplant Surgery Specialist in India along with his/her trained support team go for the sustainable orthotropic process of liver transplantation. In some cases, live support therapy or live dialysis is also given to the patient at the initial phase of the treatment.

How the best donor is chosen?

Although finding the donor for liver transplantation is next to difficult but choosing the right donor whose live can be used for fruitful transplantation is one of the great challenges. Only the one can be an accepted liver donor if he/she has –
  • good health without any disease,
  • same blood group of the diseased one,
  • similar or bigger liver than that of the patient, and
  • Willingness of donation. 

The donor’s age must be between 18 to 55 years and he/she has to go through some medical tests before donating the liver through Liver Transplant in India.

Complications to be faced:

During or after the surgery chance of blood transfusion is minimal. Some complications may be faced by the person who is donating the liver and these are – infection, blood clot, bleeding, painful incision and prolonged recovery. If the transplantation surgery is done by best Liver Transplant Surgery Specialist in India then chances of any failure or complication becomes negligible.

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