Some of the Weirdest Sex Toys That You’ll Ever See

by Jiiang Lui professional writer
Whenever someone mentions a “sex toy,” you think of dildos, vibrators, the flesh-light, or something that you saw on a porn film. However, these toys are downright weird.
When it’s about pleasure toys, you think of only the staples, such as the rabbit vibrator, the bullet vibrator, the magic wand, the regular dildo, the butt plug, the penis sleeve, the cock ring, etc. These are the classic ones, and every reputable manufacturer can sell you products that you’ll fall in love with instantly. However, a handful of producers thought about taking the game to the next level. After all, things don’t stop at just being raunchy in bed these days. So, why not give pleasure toys a unique twist? Of course, some of those do look like what they should, but a few others are downright weird, to say the least.
  • The Penis Cage: Sometimes, the Sex Machines UK appears too powerful, substantial, and dangerous to use on your private parts. However, if you take a look at the Penis Cage and rings, then you’ll inevitably change your tune. The thing looks like the basket hilt of some of those ornamental swords. The manufacturers and users say that both men and women can use it, but nobody ever says how!
  • The Orgasmatron 3000: You can choose to believe or not, but there are people out there who get off using the vibrations of their washing machine! You mustn’t judge these people because if you use the Orgasmatron 3000, then you’ll realize why they love it. The creator of this toy came up with the idea of installing a saddle toy atop a washing machine and it became an instant hit. Users can regulate the vibration with a knob, but the Sex Machines UK is much more discreet and equally powerful. If discretion is mandatory, then staying away from the Orgasmatron 3000 would be a wise move.
  • The Crave Razor Silver sensation tool: This toy looks extremely dangerous. You may not even want to think about bringing it closer than five inches to your genitals. Then again, those who used it say that it gives immense pleasure.
  • The Electro Powerbox Stimulator: This thing looks like those old modems or something that should be in the toolkit of an electrician. However, you probably know that some people out there enjoy getting electrocuted as it sexually stimulates them. You can see a lot of it in BDSM porn films. If you’re into getting zapped, then this one is for you.
  • The Alien Sex Doll: Some people fantasize about having sex with aliens. Tentacle fetishism is more commonplace than you think, but well, this one doesn’t have them. This product is particularly for those who are into sci-fi stuff.
  • The Grim Reaper Dildo: There isn’t much to say about this product. The skull hiding under a hood goes into your sweet spot and does what the supposed entity does. Instead, it gives you so pleasurable orgasms that you feel like dying if you have more of it!
So, there you have it! A list of weirdest toys in the world! You will surely find more if you search the web. After all, sexual pleasure comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. 

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