Some Of The Options We Give You For Pool Chlorine – And When You Might Use Them

by Liz Seyi Digital marketing manager

Some Of The Options We Give You For Pool Chlorine – And When You Might Use Them

The fact that chlorine in its element form is so toxic that it is used as a weapon in chemical warfare should tell you something about its power – including in its safer and more usable forms such as the dedicated Swimming Pool Chlorine that we are pleased to stock here at Pool Warehouse.

Chlorine is a disinfectant that plays a key role in the effective sanitisation of swimming pools. But which pool chlorine products do we offer through our online store right now, and how may you opt to use them?


Multi Function Chlorine Tablets

These easy-to-use tablets contain not only chlorine, but also algicide, flocculant and stabiliser, and are suitable for use in skimmer baskets, floating dispensers and automatic feeders. They release a slow dose of chlorine over time to preserve your pool’s sparkling clarity and minimise the need for individual treatments.


Multi Function Chlorine Granules

Pool chlorine can be purchased in both granular and tablet forms, and these multi-function granules are ideal for the regular daily dosing that will help to keep your pool in sparkling condition. They are dichlor chlorine granules blended with a long-life algicide and clarifier.

By pre-dissolving this chlorine before use and adding it to the water near the return inlets, you can ensure that the chemicals are distributed right around the pool.


Chlorine Shock

If your pool is starting to look cloudy, it’s some shock chlorine that will help to rapidly clear it. It’s great for boosting your pool’s chlorine levels at both ends of the season, with a chlorine level of up to 10 ppm providing the most effective shock treatment – especially if there are algae in your pool.

However, you should ensure that the amount of chlorine in your pool is below 3ppm before you cover or swim in it.


Chlorine Mini Tablets

These mini tablets for small and above ground pools consist of a 5kg pack of 20g tablets, and are also great for use with automatic chlorine dosers. They’re easier to handle than chlorine granules, and are a good choice when doses of less than 200g are needed.


Chlorine Reducer

If your pool ends up being overdosed with chlorine, don’t worry, because we have the sodium thiosulphate that will enable you to quickly bring the chlorine level within the right range. A 500 gm dose will lower the chlorine level in a 10,000-gallon pool by 2 ppm.

Not only do we give you all of these options for Pool Chlorine And Sanitizers here at Pool Warehouse, but we are also proud to bring you discounts of as much as 60% on recommended retail prices (RRPs) – so why not place your order today for quick and convenient dispatch?

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